Tattoo your best friend or boyfriend, but … temporarily

Tattoo your best friend or boyfriend, but ... temporarily

Decals are back in fashion. Through an online shop it is possible to have personalized tattoos sent, for example with the face of your loved one. If the story ends? Don't worry, the tattoo lasts only a few days …

Getting your boyfriend's name, or better still, the portrait, is a truly romantic gesture: nothing represents the concept of "forever" than an indelible design on the skin. But what if the story ends? The risk is to find ourselves having to deal forever with the name of a person who made us suffer or with the face of someone we ended up detesting. Not a very attractive prospect …

If the hypothesis of a break stops you from taking the big step, lilimandrill offers you a valid alternative, a shop on Esty that creates personalized temporary tattoos, starting from portraits. These are decals, just like the ones we found as little girls in the bags of potato chips, but with the advantage of being personalized.

Just send lilimandrill a photo of the person you love, and in a few days she will create a personalized "tattoo" with the portrait. But it doesn't have to be the face of your boyfriend: if you prefer, you can also request that of your best friend or your parents.

You can "print" the tattoo on the part of the body you prefer: on the hand, on the shoulder, or on the heart. The important thing is to wash the chosen area well before application. At this point, place the card on the skin, with the portrait facing downwards, and moisten the part facing upwards with a damp sponge, pressing it for about a minute, then remove the paper gently and let it dry. Your new tattoo will last only a few days, but you can also wash it off with simple nail polish remover.

Temporary tattoos can become nice gadgets to distribute to guests during your birthday party, with your face printed on it and the date of the party. Or use them as a placeholder at your wedding, with your and groom's portrait: it will be an original idea that will captivate your guests.

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