Tattoos: here are the new trends of 2016

Tattoos with tribals go out of fashion: new trends approve Surrealism, Double Exposure and Single Line

Tattoos are among the first items of expenditure of the Italian population, so much so that they fall within the Istat basket. It is a sector that knows no crisis because the feeling of having tattooed skin still fascinates many, despite being a tradition born thousands of years ago. The subjects obviously change, but the passion remains. New trends this year were dictated by the 300 best tattooists in the world who challenged each other to the sound of machines in Milan at the 21st edition of the Tattoo Convention.

So many are the new techniques developed in the recently concluded year that have left some styles out of fashion that are now considered aloof. Among these are the New School tattoos, which reflect the Maori and Japanese subjects, modifying their features and style. The lines become more marked and the colors brighter, giving life to the so-called Hyper-Vibrant Tattoos, which seem almost fluorescent. Even minimalist tattoos are part of the new trends. They are the most elegant ones, but they are not seen much. They have thin and delicate lines and are particularly suitable for girls. The skin becomes a real canvas with the Surrealism Tattoos that aim to reproduce the technique of oil painting, tempera and watercolors. The Double Exposure Tattoos are also very fashionable, with two images superimposed. Usually the first depicts the silhouette of an animal and the second the backlight of a natural landscape. Finally, the Optical Illusions Tattoos are decidedly more impactful than through the use of perspective games and lights and shadows, they seem to detach from the skin creating a three-dimensional design.

Among the most googlato tattoos are those relating to the Old School style, already in vogue for several years. Therefore, the flat but super colorful designs of anchors, pin ups, ships and sirens remain a trend. Along with these there are also those Japanese, very elaborate and refined. On the contrary, the tribals are in contrast, which were widely circulated in the 2000s but have now seen a considerable decline. The designs strongly marked by black have given way to a new style, the Single Line, which is very difficult as it provides a single uninterrupted line that constitutes the entire tattoo.

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