Taylor Mega has a new girlfriend: Giorgia Caldarulo

Taylor Mega has a new girlfriend: Giorgia Caldarulo

Taylor Mega would have a new girlfriend and the photo of the kiss is published by Signoretti: "Secret love comes from Men and Women"

Taylor Mega: the photos (merciless) of the before and after retouching

Taylor Mega, a sexy bomb accustomed to giving scandal with her statements over the top and her super-provocative attitudes, did it again. Whether it is true or, as another fan of his marketing moves claim, it will be known soon.

This time the bomb was launched by the weekly "Nuovo", directed by Riccardo Signoretti. Which places Taylor's kiss on the cover with a mysterious blackberry and the caption: "Taylor Mega: here is the secret girlfriend".

The new love, after rapper Tony Effe, would be Giorgia Caldarulo, former participant of "Men and Women".

Immediate rain of insults on the social profiles of the influencer, who had to make his Instagram account private, to stop the haters.

Taylor has posted on Instagram Stories some of the insults he's getting on social media. Heavy words that some users have turned to Taylor. She, on the screenshots, writes:

This is why I didn't want to talk about it. This is why I put the private profile

So right now I'm dating someone, but I didn't want these pictures to come out because we say my family isn't aware of this side of me, let's call it that. In addition there is also another person that I would not have liked to make suffer and just guys, I don't know what else to tell you honestly

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