Teaching art to children: all the benefits, starting with emotions

Teaching art to children: all the benefits, starting with emotions

Coloring, drawing, experimenting: for children, art is fundamental for their development and for managing emotions

It is not just a game for children: coloring, painting, experimenting with colors and learning art is good for their soul. And above all, to their development. Children are in fact, by their very nature, prone to art and creativity: by drawing and coloring they express their emotions, they learn to experiment, they communicate. More than they do in words.

At art, however, school is not always attentive: in compulsory schools it is a subject considered secondary, sometimes it is even absent, and it is certainly not on a par with scientific subjects. Here, then, children are stimulated to develop the left hemisphere of the brain, one linked to logic, putting the right hemisphere deputed instead to creativity in the background a little bit. However, there are exceptions: in Montessori schools, art plays an important role, while those who attend a traditional institute can then enroll in painting or drawing courses.

But why is art so important for a child? First of all, drawing, painting and especially cutting help the little ones to develop bilateral coordination. These are activities that require the use of both hands, a capacity that will be very useful when they are big (just think of using a computer). Furthermore, children develop motor coordination, cutting out shapes and drawing shapes.

But there are also benefits concerning the psychological and emotional sphere: creating a work of art, although this is only a child's drawing, requires commitment and patience. The more time they will have devoted to their artistic activities, the more the children will be satisfied with the results obtained. And here they will learn the power of waiting. But above all, he learned a new way – and in some cases much simpler – of telling their emotions: this is why teaching art is fundamental.

And, for mom and dad, it's important to look at the children's drawings. After all, in those colors, there is part of them and their lives. And drawing an emotion, when you are small and maybe reserved for character, is much easier than telling it.

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