Tech Neck: because now you have wrinkles on your neck even in your 20s and 30s

Tech Neck: because now you have wrinkles on your neck even in your 20s and 30s

Venus necklaces, tech neck or text neck: wrinkles around the neck appear already at 20 and 30 years old. What are the causes and how to eliminate them?

Before reading this article, look in the mirror and check your neck: do you also have so-called Tech Neck or Text Neck? More and more young people notice a loss of tone on the neck and, above all, the appearance of horizontal and circular wrinkles. In the United States they call them Tech Neck or Text Neck but to put it in our own words we can more romantically call them Necklaces of Venus. They are more or less deep grooves that appear on the neck just like real necklaces, chockers, to use a more youthful term but which has its roots in the 90s.

Yes, because if wrinkles were a prerogative only of more mature skin and did not begin to appear before the age of 40, the technological age brings with it many benefits but also the premature appearance of the signs of aging, especially on the neck. The fault would be to include smartphones, tablets and computers, increasingly present in daily life in a constant and rooted way. We keep our heads constantly lowered to check social notifications, to respond to messages or for reasons of force majeure, for example for those who always work in front of a PC. Thus the hours pass, between those worked and those dedicated to leisure, which imply a bending of the head always downwards.

Blond woman neck with horizontal ruge black straps undershirt

This can lead not only to back, shoulder and neck pain due to poor posture but, in the long run, also to the appearance of these ring wrinkles that develop horizontally along the neck, on the front. Constantly looking downwards, in fact, causes a relaxation of the tissues of the Y zone, that is the one that goes from the neck to the collarbones. In fact, it is possible to notice premature aging of the décolleté as well, with a loss of tone even in the skin near the breast.

Why is it an increasingly young phenomenon? Because the constant repetition of this movement leads to the appearance of these signs, a bit like constantly folding a fabric always in the same point, in a prolonged way: by bending it gently and not for long, the crease does not form, but if the fabric is folded continuously, keeping the fold pressed constantly, the sign will be clearly visible.

young brunette woman lying down with headband in her hair and white mask on her face and neck

The same happens with the skin and more and more people are becoming aware of this type of wrinkle because, let's face it, we are in the era of selfies. Anyone who takes many more photos than when there were no cell phones and our image is constantly under scrutiny. It is therefore a phenomenon that affects not only adult women, but also younger ones and adolescents. Yes, because having wrinkles on the neck at 20, as well as at 30, becomes normal due to the excessive use of technological devices. So what can be done to eliminate and prevent Tech Necks without resorting to surgery?


  • Methods and natural remedies to improve the situation of tech necks, text necks or necklaces of venus, or the horizontal wrinkles on the neck
    • Change your posture and change the position of your mobile, tablet and pc
    • Perform specific exercises and massages to relax the neck and minimize wrinkles
    • Don't forget to increase hydration and take supplements
    • Use specific moisturizing, firming and anti-wrinkle products and treatments

Methods and natural remedies to improve the situation of tech necks, text necks or necklaces of venus, or the horizontal wrinkles on the neck

Change your posture and change the position of your mobile, tablet and pc

First of all, to try to reduce wrinkles on the neck it is important to change your posture and reposition the electronic devices. Improving posture will not only help with this imperfection but will bring general benefits to the whole body by improving pain of various kinds. First of all, it is important to stay straight with your back when sitting, placing your feet correctly on the floor, avoiding crossing your legs. The circulation will also benefit, thus reducing water retention and preventing the appearance of cellulite. Try to keep the chin parallel to the floor, neither too high nor bent down leaving the shoulders soft, without hunching them towards the neck.

young blonde girl in light blue sports suit stretching in bright living room with gray sofa

It is also important to reposition your mobile phone as well as tablet or computer. Whether reading a message of pleasure or working, we automatically tend to keep the technological devices lower than our gaze, thus bending our heads towards the floor. To prevent horizontal wrinkles on the neck, just change the angle at which we look at the phone, avoiding as much as possible bending the neck and, consequently, the appearance of these marks. We then hold the phone or tablet by supporting it at face level, in line with the eyes. The same thing goes for computers, which should be placed on desks with special elevations, so as not to constantly tilt the head. In this case, however, be careful not to assume an incorrect posture to avoid straining your wrists and back.

Perform specific exercises and massages to relax the neck and minimize wrinkles

One method to relax the muscles and also benefit neck wrinkles is to perform specific exercises and massages. Facial gymnastics helps to firm the tissues and keep them tight and compact and is easy to perform, it takes just five minutes a day, perhaps before going to sleep. Online there are many video tutorials on how to perform this type of exercises, a very simple one is to smile backwards: by pushing the corners of the mouth as low as possible, as if to recreate a typical sad emoticon with the mouth down, you will feel the neck muscles in tension. Just hold this position for 10 seconds and then repeat it five times.

woman in salmon pajamas and ponytail massages her neck smiling

As for massages, even in this case the web is full of tutorials on how to perform them at home, from the fastest to the most intense, lasting up to 15 minutes. At the base of every massage is the idea of ​​bringing the tissues upwards and never downwards: this is because gravity already tends to make the skin yield and a long-term opposite movement can counteract this process. However, you can also use specific tools to massage the face and neck, for some they are easier to use and above all very relaxing.

The jade or rose quartz roller and the Gua Sha are popular on social media and are two low-cost tools that are very pleasant to use. The roller, as its name suggests, has two rotating ends in jade or rose quartz which, when passed on the skin, not only massage it, but tone it thanks to the fresh effect of the stone. Instead, the Gua Sha has almost an elongated heart shape and is always made of jade or rose quartz. This tool is also used to massage the face and release it from tension, also massaging the eye contour. Obviously, consistency is needed and the lifting effect is temporary, but over time, constantly massaging the skin will certainly help prevent tissue sagging.

Arclogy Rose Quartz and Gua Sha Roller Set Arclogy Rose quartz roller set and Gua Sha Arclogy offers a complete set of massaging stones for face and neck: a rose quartz roller and the famous Gua Sha, to help the tissues remain toned, elastic and firmed while performing a relaxing massage. 15,99 EUR Buy on Amazon

Then there are electric face massagers also equipped with LED light or heating system that act deeper, thanks also to vibrations. They are suitable both for massaging the face and neck and simulate treatments that can be carried out in beauty centers, but comfortably at home. Of course the result will not be the same, but with constant use it helps, also because it allows the active ingredients of the treatments applied to penetrate more deeply.

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Don't forget to increase hydration and take supplements

In general, for skin health it is important to drink constantly and moisturize the skin. The more time passes, the more the skin loses its natural hydration, becoming drier and prone to wrinkles and dehydration. Drinking at least two liters of water a day helps to keep it glowing, eliminate toxins and drain the body of waste, having benefits on the metabolism and on the skin, keeping it more elastic.

Collagen also plays a fundamental role but over time its natural production tends to decrease. This is why collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements, even combined, can be used to help the skin stay healthy even from the inside. By increasing hydration and collagen production, it will appear brighter, toned, elastic and turgid, thus preventing the formation of new wrinkles and rebalancing the skin, which will be less dehydrated and dry.

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Use specific moisturizing, firming and anti-wrinkle products and treatments

Do not underestimate the use of creams and specific products for the neck, such as masks, serums and exfoliants. In fact, the skincare should not end at the jaw, but it is a good rule to apply the products also on the neck and décolleté. Become familiar with this practice and then move on to specific treatments for this area when applying the cream not only to the face has become a routine for you.

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Once a week, perform a scrub to promote cell renewal, exactly as you would on the face, but using delicate and non-aggressive products. Once or twice a week apply firming and moisturizing masks with anti-aging active ingredients: they exist in cream to rinse or in fabric, real patches to be applied on the neck, then massaging the remaining serum.

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