Teen romantic books that you must read

In this article you will discover the best romantic books for teenagers: crazy love stories, full of unique emotions and feelings

In the romance novels for teenagers we find many psychological characteristics of our children and grandchildren: the first falls in love, the strong heartbeat, but also tears, conflicts with parents and adolescent crises. Surely love books for teenagers are divided into titles that stop only and exclusively at the concept of falling in love and others that are aimed at a more adult and emotionally aware audience.

By following our advice, we are sure that you will read wonderful stories, you will step into the shoes of the protagonists and you will experience, even if only for some time, their own strong emotions. At this point, we are ready to show you our sensational ranking: you will be spoiled for choice!


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Teenage novels for all ages

Love titles for teenagers do not necessarily have to be read only by boys and girls between 14 and 18 years old: you could in fact be a lover of love novels, but also an occasional and curious reader, or you you find yourself in the situation of having to give a gift to a granddaughter. Therefore, there is no precise prescription with respect to this topic: anyone can be intrigued by romantic books and have the pleasure of reading them for various reasons.

It is not said that a love novel for teenagers is necessarily intended for a female audience: in fact, sentimental education belongs to both sexes, as well as to different orientations. It is obviously important to know how to choose the classic romantic novel that best suits your needs and tastes and therefore it is natural to make some evaluations.

At first glance, we usually tend to read the reviews of other users on the title in question, especially if it is bestsellers that have had enormous success: all this to find out if it is actually a book that is worth being read all in one breath. Use different sites to search for all the information you need: in this specific case, what really matters is the quantity of reviews and not just the quality.

Secondly, you might consider consulting the reviews of the critics specializing in romantic books for teenagers, in order to have a complete and as realistic picture as possible. In fact, true critics do not produce feedback based on their emotions and feelings, but on criteria of greater concreteness and reliability.

The best romantic books

Among the various titles that you will find proposed here, you will notice both productions of the moment and books that have made the history of love novels for girls and teenagers in general: it is clear that not all titles treat love in the same way, but we highly recommend reading them all.

Do you trust me?

Do you trust me? This is precisely the first love novel for teenage girls that we choose to propose and we have no doubt that everyone will like it. Cameron Hamilton, protagonist of the novel, after a long period of difficulty and melancholy chooses to change his life and the university will represent the way to change. A self-confident, precise and ambitious guy who too often thinks he is unbeatable and able to resist even the strongest and most overwhelming feeling there is: love.

Everything changes radically when, one day, Cameron meets the beautiful Avery: a girl completely different from the others, almost to defy all conformism. Sebben Cameron tries to escape from the situation, he soon falls madly in love with it, managing to drop the mask that the young girl wears to hide all her fragility. And so Cam wins Avery's trust, as no one has ever been able to do before. This love book for teenagers tells the story from the point of view of the protagonist, also reserving unique and unpublished episodes for the reader, certainly rich in a love without borders.

I have a castle in my heart

The title undoubtedly portends an extraordinary love story: I have a castle in my heart was written by Dodie Smith in 1948 and is still a great success today. We are talking about a romantic book for girls whose reading is recommended from the age of 13. And here we are, catapulted into the life of the Mortmain family, told from the point of view of Cassandra, the youngest daughter driven by strong literary ambitions.

The father is an author who in the past had met with a lot of hype, but who is now suffering from writer's block and is unable to maintain his family with dignity. Then we have Rose, the eldest daughter, who wants nothing more than to escape from the difficult conditions in which the family finds themselves, until the moment when a wealthy family does not become the full owner of the castle and the two bachelors Nei and Simon will arouse not a little interest. What happens to these families? Who will fall madly in love? All the answers in the pages of this compelling book.


Again is a beautiful novel for girls that tells the story of Rachel, a beautiful 17-year-old who is forced to move to a new city because of her mother, who leaves for China for work. The girl, with a very shy and introverted character, clearly cannot live the situation with serenity above all because she is aware of the fact that, back in her father's town and once at school, she will see her former best friend and Connor, her first true love.

And it is precisely here, in this new chapter of her life, that Rachel will juggle parties, lessons, new friendships and the teasing of the terrible Isabelle. Will this young teenager be able to get over her quarrels with her father and let her heart make the most complicated decisions ever? Don't miss this romance novel, add it to your collection!

The girls' code

Carlotta, Chiara and Lin are only 13 years old and have nothing in common: they are the protagonists of The Code of Girls by Alessandra Spada. However, they will learn to know each other better and appreciate their potential during a summer spent at CRAC, the Center for Advanced Coding Research: a modern and cutting-edge field where you not only learn coding, but make lasting friendships over time. In this much appreciated romance and friendship novel for teenagers, therefore, human relationships and the benefits they bring to each of us are also taught: in fact, these three girls will learn the meaning of true friendship and sharing.

Discover in this book the beauty of friendship, passions and interests that slowly manifest themselves, in a completely feminine, ethnic and multicultural context. The novel also boasts detailed and enchanting descriptions of almost fairytale places where Lin, Carlotta and Chiara find themselves spending their summer holidays. Are all ready to immerse themselves in a wonderful place where friendship crosses all boundaries?


Starlight represents precisely the unprecedented Italian publishing case: an unparalleled love story that unfolds in the corridors of a university. Cristina Chiperi at just 18 years old is an unparalleled publishing phenomenon and her novels have remained at the top of the most important charts for months.
For Daisy, a young woman almost ready to blossom, everything is new and exciting. But will it be like this forever? Not exactly. Everything will change when his gaze meets that of Ethan, his best friend from the past. The boy had always had the enormous ability to capture Daisy's attention with his exciting stories about the constellations and the sky.

But Daisy no longer believes in the magic of the stars. Not after their relationship has been strongly questioned due to a very significant betrayal by Ethan: the young woman struggles to believe that their relationship can return as whole and healthy as it once was. Daisy now believes only in words and deeds, in everything that is most concrete and demonstrable. Despite this, there is something about Ethan that still attracts her and makes them unequivocally inseparable: the starlight sometimes dazzles and escape becomes almost impossible. Daisy will discover that her place is right there, only and only there. Next to Ethan.

Blame the stars

We conclude our ranking of the best love novels for girls with a timeless classic: John Green's Fault in the Stars. Never having heard of this title is practically impossible, considering that it has reached the peak of success in the publishing field. This is the touching story of Hazel who at only 16 has already overcome very tough obstacles: the disease that was diagnosed a few years earlier is now in regression.

However, he soon discovers that everything has a cost in life and just as he begins to frequent hospitals again, he meets Augustus, his future companion in adventures. The two soon learn that the life they lead and the time spent together are a true gift from the universe and as such must be paid dearly. The original sin in which they live will lead them to experience a series of misfortunes, but also strong passions.

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