Tell me what color the nail polish brings and find out how extroverted you are

Tell me what color the nail polish brings and find out how extroverted you are

The colors give many indications about our personality: did you know that even the shades of enamel reveal who you really are?

Red, pink, black, purple or transparent: which is your favorite nail polish among these five? Choose your color and find out how extroverted you are.

Every woman loves to vary the color of the glaze and we bet that you too try to change color whenever you can. But we also admit the truth: each of us has a nuance that she prefers and that represents her more than the others. Not surprisingly, the enamel we choose says a lot both about our personality and about our mood in a certain period of our lives. Moreover, its thousand shades can suggest a lot about a person's degree of openness and his propensity to build relationships with others. Have you decided which nail polish to choose? Perfect, now you just need to find out how extroverted you are.

If you chose red

You are a very sensual, captivating and self-confident woman. Despite this, you give confidence only to the people who whet your mind, while you ignore those who don't care or find it boring. Some believe you are snobbish, others consider you a girl in the hand: they do not understand that you are extrovert and chatty only with a lucky few.

If you chose pink

You are a good girl and you tend to trust others without asking yourself too many questions. Make friends easily and everyone loves spending time with you. Talk to anyone and always try to include people you don't know very well in your circle, which is why everyone appreciates you and loves you.

If you chose black

To say that you are surly is excessive, but certainly you do not initially give the impression of a person at hand. You are friendly and kind but you tend to be on yours, especially with those you don't know very well. Only a few know how great and funny you really are, because once you throw yourself you feel confident to show yourself.

If you chose purple

Laugh and joke, but your irony is so pungent that sometimes people feel a bit taken for a ride by your behavior. You are certainly not shy and you are not afraid to say what you think in front of everyone, but always keep a wall raised between you and the others, very difficult to climb over.

If you have chosen the transparent

You are very shy and difficult to expose yourself when you are around a lot of people. You are pleasant and nice, but you prefer not to be in the center of attention and stay on the sidelines. Every now and then throw yourself into the fray, nothing bad can happen to you!

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