Tell me what foot you have and I'll tell you who you are

Tell me what foot you have and I'll tell you who you are

The shape of the foot is indicative of personality. Egyptian foot, flame, Germanic or Celtic Roman: discover yours and the characteristics of your character

The shape of the foot reveals much of the person's character. Don't believe it?

Flame foot: the second toe is larger, even longer than the big toe. People with this foot tend to be enthusiastic, creative and motivated. It is no coincidence that it is widespread among artists and athletes.
Egyptian foot: toes appear to scale. People who own it tend to be practical and rational, often lonely and prone to mood swings.
Roman foot: the toes are square. It features an outgoing, sociable and charismatic personality.
Germanic foot: the big toe is very large, while the other toes are all the same. Who has this foot is concrete, practical and little dreamer.
Celtic foot: the toes are all irregular. People with Celtic feet are curious, they love movement and action.

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