Tell me what hat you wear and I’ll tell you who you are

Tell me what hat you wear and I'll tell you who you are

Here is a rundown of the most used hat models: which one is your favorite?

The hat models are many and varied: therefore with this post I do not pretend to give you a complete overview! I will limit myself to listing some of the most used models, so that you know how to recognize them and, in case of shopping, you know how to choose!

All hat models: without brim

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The brim is that part of fabric that shades the face and runs all around the hat. Here are three that don’t have a brim and are each extremely distinctive of a particular style.


The classic Parisian hat, once used by artists, the beret is now a model that goes very well with trench coats and coats and gives a super chic allure. Enhance your face whether you have short or long hair.

All hat models


It’s the perfect hat for winter! In wool or cashmere, in coarse or fine knits, with or without a pom pom, the cap or beanie is the ideal casual headdress for a sporty look. You can combine it with the down jacket, the teddy coat, but also the colorful eco fur or the camel coat, to add a street style touch.

Pillbox hat

It is also called a tambourine hat and the most famous is the one that Jackie Kennedy wore when they murdered her husband in Dallas in 1963. It is a model that can be embellished with a veil or embellished with other details and which is normally used in formal contexts.

All hat models: with brim

Bucket hat

It’s the fisherman’s hat, the one to wear with a raincoat or trench coat on rainy days. You can choose it colorful to add a touch of light to rainy days.

All hat models


The perfect hat for those who love casual style and denim. Ideal if worn with leather jackets, Texan boots and a total look in jeans, but you can also wear it in summer with a boho chic look.


It vaguely resembles panama, but the brim is narrower and is usually the headdress that is associated with Indiana Jones, to understand each other. It is more casual than the Panama, but still remains a very chic touch, especially when worn with the coat.


It is a super stylish hat, with a fairly wide brim, which can be decorated with a grosgrain ribbon, feathers or other details. It is extremely feminine and very suitable to be worn over the coat, long or short, eco fur, but also a pea coat or a cape.

All hat models

All hat models: with visor

Baseball cap

Ideal for those who love a casual look and can’t stay without tracksuit and sneakers, the cap with the visor can really be declined in a thousand different ways and colors, depending on your look. The important thing is to reserve it for purely sporting occasions.


It is the tomboy hat, with a visor and a soft cap, often in herringbone or tweed fabric. It is very elegant when worn with a British look, so with blazers, lace-ups, shirts and men’s cut trousers, but also pencil or pleated skirts.

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