Tell me your zodiac sign and I'll tell you what mom you are

Tell me your zodiac sign and I'll tell you what mom you are

Find out what mom you are based on the zodiac sign

Find out what mom you are based on your zodiac sign. It is not science fiction … but science! Yes, because the zodiac, by outlining the peculiarities of each person, also automatically determines its parent characteristics. Are you a mom who tries to give her children the best? You can only be of Aries. Are you full of attention for your children, to the point of risking suffocating them? Then you're definitely Taurus. Is your password freedom and independence? Your sign is undoubtedly the Aquarium. If you don't trust, read to believe …

ARIETE MOTHER: Maximum commitment to her children, she tries to give her best, getting informed, finding new ideas, reading books on books. He will always encourage his children to open up to others. Famous mothers of Aries are Sarah Jessica Parker (who confessed: "What a hard time it is to be a career mom") and to our house Simona Ventura. TORO MOM: Always present, he does not conceive a life without his children. His devotion is infinite. He loves to cuddle them, kiss them, but risks suffocating them … The singer Giorgia and Ambra Angiolini are two moms Toro. MOTHER OF TWINS: A mother full of energy. Teach them to be independent from an early age. His house is full of games. He cares about their success in studying, but he has to learn to listen to them more. Even if he loves playing together, he will never be able to abandon everything to be alone with them. A famous example? Gianna Nannini. CANCER MOTHER: Tender, attentive, she does everything to give a smile to her children and becomes a beast if someone tries to touch them. Jealously keep any fond memories. Licia Colò is a Cancer mother and also the beautiful Lola Ponce, a very tender new mother, pinched this summer, an affectionate mother by the sea. MOMMA LEONE: She likes what shines and tends to cover her children with what is more expensive and expensive. Generous and indulgent, she knows how to put the happiness of her children before her needs and desires, but she also knows how to be tough and severe when needed. Like Madonna, sour mother-in-law: she doesn't like Lourdes' boyfriend. Lorella Cuccarini is also a Leone mother. VIRGIN MOTHER: Listen, advise, help your children to reason with their heads. It can be mistaken for cold, it is actually capable of discreet tenderness. Attentive to the right measure, attentive to the rules of physical and food hygiene. A famous example? Asia Argento. MOMMA LIBRA: It badly bears disorder and noise and can explode in front of these episodes. But then he manages to compensate with the cuddles and stories he can tell them. Try to be as fair and honest as possible. Like Mara Venier. MOTHER SCORPION: He knows all about his children, intuitive loving, he understands immediately if something is wrong. Unconditional love, devotion, his whole heart is for his baby. He knows how to encourage his hidden talents. Cristina Parodi is a Scorpio mother. SAGITTARIUS MOTHER: Responsible, she knows the mealtimes, the games, the nannies of her children, which she respects to the second. He loves playing with them and knows how to convey the taste of adventure and a sense of humor. Antonella Clerici is a perfect Sagittarius mother. CAPRICORN MOTHER: Behind an appearance of detachment, there is a world of love and tenderness. His is only shyness and respect for his child, to whom he strives to inculcate solid values. A famous example is Margherita Buy. AQUARIUM MOTHER: Tender, cheerful and above all independent, she spurs the same children to independence. Always ready for new adventures, she wants her little ones to have a sense of adventure and curiosity too, and leave them plenty of room for action and freedom. The singer Malika Ayane is an Aquarius mom. FISH MOTHER: Hypersensitive, empathetic towards her children. Concerned about their happiness, she does everything to make it happen. Attention to hyperprotectivity: they cannot be prevented from living and loving … Do you understand, Milly Carlucci? Ornella Muti is also a Pisces mother.

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