Temptation, after the arrest of Alessio Bruno Francesco Chiofalo intervenes

Temptation, after the arrest of Alessio Bruno Francesco Chiofalo intervenes

Confirmed the arrest of Alessio Bruno, his friend Francesco Chiofalo breaks the silence

The former protagonist of Temptation Island 2017, Alessio Bruno, has been in prison for a few days for possession and drug dealing. To talk about the boy's mood, in this difficult moment, is his friend Francesco Chiofalo.

The two met in Sardinia, in the splendid resort where the shooting of the reality show dedicated to feelings takes place. Both participated with their respective girlfriends of the time, stories that ended in the following months. But on Temptation Island, Alessio and Francesco have found a good friendship and have stayed in touch ever since. Today it is Lentil himself – this is the nickname with which Chiofalo is known among his fans – to tell what is happening to his ex-companion of adventures, who ended up in prison in recent weeks.

Alessio Bruno was in fact accused of possession and drug dealing, and in the past few days he was sentenced for 2 years and 8 months of imprisonment for direct treatment. In fact, the man immediately confessed the crimes that were attributed to him, citing the need to earn money as a justification for not feeling inferior to his current girlfriend, Eleonora D’Alessandro. Words, these, that struck Francesco: he did not expect such a revelation, because he had never had signs of this problem of inferiority compared to his partner.

"Currently Alessio is in prison: he cries and despairs for what he has done" – explains Francesco Chiofalo in an interview released on DiPiù TV – "I contacted his family, I told them that for whatever I am here, but Certainly Alessio now has to deal mainly with himself and his mistakes ". And then, as regards his justification: “He honestly never told me he felt in a certain sense inferior to Eleonora, so I cannot comment on these statements. But what I can say is that after the end of his love affair with Valeria Bigella, Alessio seemed to have found some serenity next to Eleonora ".

And just Valeria Bigella, who until now had avoided talking about her ex, with the exception of a comment on Instagram, now intervenes for the first time on the issue: “Even if Alessio and I are no longer together, I am very sorry for what happened is certainly not a joke to be arrested ”. The girl also talks about their post Temptation Island relationship, confessing that she came out of the show with him because she was really in love, but it didn't go between them: "After five years of love, he at the beginning of 2018 decided to leave me. Things were not going well between us, we fought often and now we have both turned the page. "

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