Temptation, after the farewell Katia confesses: "For Vittorio I feel grudge"

Temptation, after the farewell Katia confesses: "For Vittorio I feel grudge"

Katia has been deeply disappointed by the behavior of her former boyfriend Vittorio: here is her outburst

Last week the route of the couples protagonists of Temptation Island 2019 ended, which this year proved to be particularly disastrous. In particular, it was Katia Fanelli, who entered the reality show together with her fiancé Vittorio Collina and went out as a single, to have taken a burning disappointment.

It was the boy who ended his relationship, which lasted about two and a half years. Inside the village he discovered a hidden side of which he was unaware. After seeing the exuberant behavior of his girlfriend in the company of some of the tempters, Vittorio let himself go and began to know the beautiful single Vanessa, with whom he immediately established a great feeling. At the time of the final confrontation, the young man finally took all his courage out and let himself go, finally deciding to leave the show without his Katia. And after a month, when Filippo Bisciglia called all the protagonists to pull together the situation, we discovered that Vittorio's choice has not changed at all.

Katia, in the pages of Men and Women Magazine, vented all her sorrow for the end of her story with her ex-boyfriend, and above all for the infatuation that, according to her, Vittorio would have taken for the temptress Vanessa: “Mi it hurt to see his eyes look at another girl the same way he looked at me first. As I know Vittorio, his was not revenge, but he was really infatuated with this person "- explained the girl. "I'm sorry because I believe that there is no real interest on Vanessa's part and he will take a two of spades."

Although she still loves her ex, and from her words shows that she wishes to wish him the best for the future, there is still a lot of anger that pervades her: "Now I'm fine, but sometimes I sometimes think about how it ended my story. Inevitably I warn of the shortcomings, but then I return to myself "- revealed Katia. "I miss his family and especially his grandmother, a unique woman. In these weeks I go out with my friends, I go shopping and I don't think of anything else with clothes. Then the mind returns to Vittorio, and I cannot deny that I still feel a little bit of rancor “.

The former protagonist of Temptation Island, although he suffered a great disappointment, has not lost his "photonic" soul. He continues to have fun and does not think that his experience in the Channel 5 reality show was so negative: “Personally, I discovered in Vittorio a different person whose attitude disgusted me. It probably changed also because he felt hurt by my words and I realize that I used some strong sentences, but I don't think anything can be said about my behavior. I never exceeded the limit and I was the same one that everyone knows even outside. Vittorio instead came to betray me, trying to kiss another girl. "

Katia's last wish is to be able to find serenity in the shortest possible time, and the same thing also hopes for her ex: "Now I start from scratch. I think I deserve so much and wish Vittorio well. I will always carry it in my heart and if it ever finds itself in difficulty, I'll always be there for him ”.

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