Temptation Island 2016: Ludovica and Fabio broke up?

After 21 days of staying in the village, the certainties of some couples seem to have crumbled, others have resisted the temptations

Tonight we will attend the long-awaited final appointment with Temptation Island and we will know the outcome of the path of the last three couples in the game, including the one formed by Fabio and Ludovica. After 21 days of staying in the village, the certainties of some couples seem to have crumbled, while others have resisted temptations and have already left the resort together; what will be the epilogue for Fabio and Ludovica? Did they break up? The doubts about the two former protagonists of Men and women are really many and the indiscretions follow one another with incredible rapidity. Let's see a "summary of the latest episodes" to understand a little more.

The penultimate episode of Temptation Island left a bitter taste in the mouth of Ferravalli fans; In fact, Fabio spent the weekend in the company of Francesca and the two had a lot of fun together, also there were moments of complicity and between dancing, swimming and a romantic dinner the climate has definitely warmed up, but not as much as Ludovica has He believed. In reality, the former suitor of Men and Women has simply tried to get to know the person in front of him and with whom he is spending time inside the village and is doing it in total spontaneity and in a completely respectful way; Ludovica however for the umpteenth time has misunderstood the words of her boyfriend and has let herself go to despair exasperating once again her jealousy and impatience. Many after these images launched the cry "They broke up" but in all sincerity this does not seem the scenario we will see.

First of all, from the images nothing presages that Fabio and Ludovica can separate; the girl will certainly have to manage jealousy better but otherwise the couple born to men and women appeared the most solid of all and we are convinced that such a path has only done her good. In addition, the latest gossip on Men and Women reveals that the two lovebirds spent a day together; the photos were posted individually but the landscape was the same. In short, we just have to wait for tonight's episode and cheer for Fabio and Ludovica.

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