Temptation Island 2019, the top moments (and flops) of this edition

The 2019 edition of Temptation Island has ended: here are the best (and worst) moments of this year

The 2019 edition of Temptation Island has ended and the result was similar to that of a massacre, of hearts.

Six couples have decided to get involved in the reality show of feelings, but only one, the one composed by David and Cristina has chosen to leave the island together. For everyone else, the ending was not so rosy.

Let's start with Cristina and David: their comparison to the anticipated bonfire and the maturity with which they have been able to deal with their problems earns the couple a place among the top of this edition.
In fact, despite the misunderstandings and some doubts of the Incorvaia on the relationship with the boyfriend, the two have shown that love can win over everything if there is respect and willingness to be together on both sides.

At the top of the top list of this edition is Filippo Bisciglia. The historic conductor of Temptation Island has once again shown himself sympathetic and empathetic towards the feelings of all participants in the 2019 edition.

The most moving moment for viewers was undoubtedly the one in which, the presenter, left his post to sit beside Ilaria and console the Roman who, during a bonfire, had burst into tears for some attitudes of her boyfriend Maximum.

And speaking of Ilaria, the 23 year old Roman who conquered the beautiful tempter Javier, we can only put the girl among the top of this edition. In fact, despite the young age and the strong feeling nurtured towards her boyfriend Massimo, Teolis decided to abandon the reality show by herself. She did it because she decided to think about herself and her well-being first of all.

Maximus enters the flop list, the Roman has fallen into the oldest cliché in the world: he realized he loved Ilaria and wanted her at his side, only when he realized that he was losing her.

And still flop for Nunzia and Arcangelo, the first couple to have left the reality show of temptations. His kiss and her insistent attempts to return to the Neapolitan together have given birth to some of the most questionable moments of this whole edition of Temptation Island.

Thumb up instead for Nicola Tedde, the thirty year old Sardinian who, despite the strong sentiment towards his now ex-girlfriend Sabrina, had the courage to end that relationship in which by now, there was nothing more spontaneous.

The credit in part also goes to the temptress Maddalena who accompanied the boy on the journey of introspection of his feelings. And it is Vaselli who gave us some of the most beautiful and moving moments of the whole island. Throughout the journey, the beautiful temptress showed herself true, sincere and respectful of Nicola and his feelings: an exemplary attitude that surprised the public at home.

Some doubts instead about Sabrina and her behavior towards her boyfriend. The forty-year-old in fact, as soon as she landed on the island, showed herself very inclined to get acquainted with the single Giulio, not denying the will to want to know the boy even outside, despite her relationship with Nicola.

By his own admission, Nicola's fiancée would have gone further with the tempter, had it not been for the two of spades he received. During the dream weekend, in fact, Raselli admitted to feeling only affection for Sabrina.

Among the worst moments of this island, there is certainly the lack of confrontation between Jessica and Andrea. In fact, after seeing the feeling and attraction between his girlfriend and single Alessandro Zarino, a few days after the start of the reality show, the boy asked, in tears, to be able to meet his girlfriend.
Jessica however, on that occasion refused the confrontation admitting that she wanted to experience the island and continue to know the tempter. This premise, which confirmed the couple's epilogue: the two left Temptation Island as a single.

We conclude with the last couple who participated in the reality show, the one formed by Katia and Vittorio.
Despite the hilarious moments that the photonic girlfriend gave us throughout the journey, some of his attitudes and words were questionable, not very nice towards his boyfriend.

Just her behavior made Vittorio question the relationship and approached the temptress Vanessa, with whom she then decided to leave the reality show, after putting an end to her engagement with Katia.

Between finished loves, second thoughts and tears, the edition of Temptation Island ended like this, giving us emotions and reflections on what has been the journey of feelings most followed on television.

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