Temptation Island 2020, the report cards of the fifth episode

Temptation Island 2020, the report cards of the fifth episode

At "Temptation Island", Alberto meets Speranza after the kiss to the single Nunzia and Carlotta is furious with Nello

Temptation Island 2020, the official cast

Temptation Island hosts the latest confrontations between couples. Alberto and Speranza meet after his kiss with the single Nunzia, while Francesca and Salvo clash at the bonfire. Alessia Marcuzzi proves to be, once again, a good conductor, capable of always intervening at the right time.

So here are the report cards to the protagonists of the fifth episode of Temptation Island.

Alessia Marcuzzi – Impossible not to identify with the stories of Temptation Island and she does it without reservations. What strikes the presenter is above all the story of Speranza, linked to Alberto for 16 years and in love with him so much that she cannot imagine a life without it. After the kiss between her boyfriend and single Nunzia, Speranza bursts into tears and is consoled by Marcuzzi: “You deserve to be happy, regardless of what's happening to you – he says -. You had before your eyes a confirmation that you have been hearing for some time ”. VOTE: 9.

Speranza and Alberto – One of the most talked about couples on Temptation Island has finally arrived at the final confrontation. After weeks of attraction towards the single Nunzia, in which he seemed to have forgotten the history of 16 years with Speranza, Alberto has decided to end his relationship in the worst way. During a boat trip with the temptress he let himself go to a kiss, spending the rest of the night kissing and cuddling Nunzia, aware of the cameras and what Hope would see. Faced with the overwhelming evidence, the girl has finally made her decision, aware of the impossibility of going back. "How disgusting, I have no words – he commented, dissolving in tears -. I don't deserve this, it hurt me so much and I've never reciprocated in this way ". At the confrontation bonfire Alberto did not try in any way to justify himself and just before reaching his girlfriend he kissed Nunzia again. “You humiliated me, with facts and attitudes – said Speranza, shocked -. I have a person in front of me that I still love, without limits. A feeling is not a shame and I do not regret anything I have done in these 16 years, but at the bonfires I was ashamed, I wanted to sink ”. Alberto then explained: “Have you ever seen me so happy with you? Coming here and pretending wouldn't have made sense, I was myself, I did it consciously. You know me well, you know how we got here. You know that if I had lived the relationship with Nunzia to 50% we would have gone out as you dreamed but taking with us everything that was wrong. Don't tell me I haven't thought of you, you know it's not. Should I have done what we have done in recent years? ”. The second part of the meeting will be staged in the last episode of Temptation Island. Certainly Speranza and Alberto did not choose the best way to end a story that lasted 16 years. She tried to cling to every grain of hope that was offered to him, while he immediately showed signs of impatience. Sometimes speaking out is a bold choice, but the best. VOTE: 4.

Francesca and Salvo – Entered into the race in the show hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi, they did not disappoint expectations. After yet another video in which Salvo talked with his other boyfriends about his sex life with his partner, Francesca asked for the comparison bonfire. “I came here to understand what our problems were and the reasons for our distance – he said -, not just the physical one you have focused on several times. I tried to question myself, I don't know how much you did it because you did nothing but talk about a single topic. You didn't ask yourself any questions, you focused on my professional ambition ”. Determined to clarify her position, Francesca took over the reins of the couple, while Salvo limited himself to apologizing. "You know what I feel for you, love has not vanished – he said -. I love you more than my life, I can't think of making you unhappy. I am a different man and I am ready to prove it. I will give you what you lack. In my head I already have our world ”. Love triumphs. Maybe. VOTE: 6.

Carlotta – Luckily there is Carlotta! One might say. In an episode full of tension and difficult moments, the beautiful Roman always finds a way to play down. She proposes to Speranza, desperate for Alberto's farewell, a trip among friends and gets furious after seeing Nello's attitudes with single Benedetta. "The odds of you dating are one in a million – he says -. Yuck, we really touched yuck. I ruin it. Carlotta is gone, for her whole life ". Colorful phrases and jokes that made Carlotta a star on social media. VOTE: 8.

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