Temptation Island 2020, the report cards of the first episode

Temptation Island 2020, the report cards of the first episode

From confessed (and forgiven) betrayal to Alessia Marcuzzi's great test: the report cards of the first episode of Temptation Island

Temptation Island 2020, the official cast

Temptation Island is back in the autumn edition conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi, a few months after the summer one. The risk of getting bored, after having filled up with dramas and betrayals with Antonella Elia and co. he was tall, but Maria De Filippi and her team, once again, did an excellent job. The first episode proved to be far above expectations, between twists, cult moments and a cast of non-VIPs in which to recognize and negotiate, but also to criticize.

From Carlotta's phrases to the mystery about Gennaro's bank account, up to the betrayal confessed by Amedeo: here are our report cards for the first episode:

Alessia Marcuzzi – Maternal, empathetic and with the air of a psychologist, the Roman presenter has fallen in the best role that Maria De Filippi has assigned her. His ability to tiptoe into stories, always being discreet, does not make you regret the absence of Filippo Bisciglia, and give the transmission an extra gear. Marcuzzi elaborates and adopts the theory of listening and is perfect as a guide for couples adrift. Who wouldn't want to have a friend like that to talk about love problems? VOTE: 8

Sofia and Amedeo – They are the real stars of the first episode of Temptation Island who, less than 24 hours after arriving in Sardinia, left the village. But it was not love that triumphed, even if the two abandoned the bonfire of confrontation together. Having been engaged for 11 years, together since school, they had turned up on the show to change their relationship. And there was a turning point, but not what Sofia, perhaps, expected. In fact, Amedeo candidly confessed to his friends that he had betrayed his companion who, upset, asked for a confrontation bonfire. But no one expected the epilogue given by the couple: he who admits the betrayal with a contrite expression, she who decides to forgive him. “I don't know if it's habit or love”, explains Amedeo, perhaps not too convinced by Sofia's decision. In the end, however, the couple leaves the beach hand in hand, after a kiss that is anything but romantic. And the dilemma remains: is it better to live a love that is not love, just to be with someone? VOTE: 3

Davide – The worst cup of the evening goes without a doubt to Davide who, a few hours after entering the village of the engaged couple, gave a hard to digest speech about his relationship with Serena Spena. Their story is the result of a friendship that turned into love when both were still engaged. A situation that unleashed in Davide a morbid and suffocating jealousy towards his girlfriend who is forbidden everything: "I had her canceled from social networks, no gym, no friends, nothing," he said, boasting to a temptress. But the worst sentence came later: "Fortunately, I have control over his mind, I get what I want out of his mouth." Difficult to comment on such behavior, the hope is that Serena does it, perhaps in a bonfire of comparisons, preferably in a definitive way. VOTE: N / C

Anna and Gennaro – For Anna and Gennaro, love seems to be all about money. She considers him a capricious child who had an easy life thanks to a wealthy family, he does not have high esteem. "You are in the papi shop, you have a job thanks to papi, you have the papi's car", thunders after a lively bonfire and Gennaro lets out an inelegant phrase: "If I tell you how much I have in the bank, she peels me off! ". Does a love story really boil down to this? VOTE: 3

Carlotta – Carlotta thinks about making a laugh as she demolishes her boyfriend Nello at the bonfire, busy flirting with singles in the village. Red lipstick and blonde hair, she has grit to sell and you can tell from the first minutes of the broadcast, when she scolds her partner who is about to leave the beach with the temptresses. "Careful, I sfonno you" is only the first of many vitriol phrases. “He doesn't even know what empathy means! – blurts out when he sees him courting other girls -. Brianza? But he doesn't even know where he is. He learned Italian before thinking of Brianza. I'll throw you into the bonfire ”. And again: “I expected it to rain, not to rain. It feels cool, but it isn't. Ah Nello, but where do you find another like me? ". VOTE: 7

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