Temptation Island 2020, the report cards of the fourth episode

Alessia Marcuzzi

On "Temptation Island", Carlotta reacts to disappointment with irony, while Serena makes an unexpected choice

Temptation Island 2020, the official cast

Two bonfires, misunderstandings and cult moments: the fourth episode of Temptation Island was quite exciting not only for Alessia Marcuzzi and the competitors, but also for the audience at home. The journey into the feelings of couples continues with twists, farewells and unexpected reconciliations.

Here are the report cards to the protagonists of the fourth episode of Temptation Island.

Alessia Marcuzzi – No hesitation and an impeccable management, Alessia has made this edition of Temptation Island her own, making it different from that of Filippo Bisciglia. The result is an even deeper and more reasoned journey into feelings, but above all a conductor who tiptoes into stories, telling them in the best possible way and becoming a point of reference. VOTE: 9.

Antonio and Nadia – A fast and atypical bonfire that of the couple who had landed in Sardinia to test love, but who by comparison found themselves literally speechless. Nadia, who in the village had approached the single Stefano, hesitates before agreeing to meet her boyfriend and once at the bonfire between the two the emotions seem absent. A few words, fleeting glances, to lead the discussion is Alessia Marcuzzi who prods the competitors by pushing them to a dialogue that in fact never takes place. In the end, Nadia and Antonio amaze everyone, leaving Temptation Island together, despite doubts and problems that have not been solved or addressed. Yet the conditions for a comparison were all there. “I've been with Nadia for a year and nine months and I'm 10 years older than her. I was the one who called Temptation Island because, even if I love her, I need to figure out if she is the right girl for me to build a future together, ”he said. “He thought he had found the girl who washed, cleaned, cooked – she clarified -. I am totally the opposite of this. I will not allow anyone to change my way of being. I am like that ". Too afraid to express yourself or lack of communication. In fact, the couple leaves the bonfire unconvinced. VOTE: 4.

Serena – We expected a lot from her, especially after the (horrible) phrases of her boyfriend Davide, gripped by an almost pathological jealousy. In the singles village, Serena was smiling again after giving up friends, the gym and going out for the sake of her partner. One bonfire after another had declared that she was unwilling to go back and had appeared little interested in David's words. So what happened to the comparison? "I didn't miss you very much, I missed you for three or four evenings," she admits, explaining that she was interested in single Ettore. “I don't want a relationship like this anymore, I don't want such a heavy person in my life – he says -. I want to try again on the outside but with different premises, which allow me to be myself. I didn't want to leave the village anymore, it seemed like paradise to me, I felt appreciated ”. And eventually they leave the reality show together. "I understand that she put herself in an ideal situation with the boy she liked best to show herself that she wanted to be with me", is the explanation of Davide, who in fact monopolizes, once again, the choices of Serena . VOTE: 3.

Carlotta – Also in this episode of Temptation Island, Carlotta proved to be the great protagonist of the reality show. With her jokes and irony she manages to soften even the most difficult moments and she is simply fantastic. First he jokes about Benedetta, the theme song that bewitched her boyfriend Nello, then teases him. In a video, Nello says to the single: “You are 22 years old but you are not stupid” and Carlotta replies: “Of course, with him it's easy. It's a goat ”. And there are already those who dream of seeing her on the throne of Men and Women. VOTE: 8.

Hope – Not even the images of her boyfriend Alberto in the pool with the single Nunzia are able to shake Speranza who can't decide to react and ask for a comparison. After 16 years together and a story that obviously no longer works, she is unwilling to end the relationship. “If there had been nothing I would not have stayed here. Then it may be that in an hour I change my mind and decide to end it here ", she explains, then lets herself go to tears:" I'm really dying. What did I do wrong?". Trying to make her think is Carlotta, with one of her enlightening phrases: "You cannot love for two forever", he explains, but Speranza replies: "I know that there is nothing left but I miss the air only the thought kills me ”.

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