Temptation Island 2020, the report cards of the third episode

Temptation Island 2020

From Carlotta's anger for Nello to the final bonfire between Gennaro and Anna: the report cards of the third episode of Temptation Island with Alessia Marcuzzi.

Temptation Island 2020, the official cast

Twists and turns and exciting moments: the third episode of Temptation Island did not disappoint expectations. Gennaro and Anna, protagonists of a second bonfire, said goodbye definitively, while Serena, far from Davide, found her freedom. Nello and Carlotta, on the other hand, are increasingly in crisis, just like Speranza, who is forced to follow the courtship of her boyfriend at a distance towards the single Nunzia.

Between bonfires, videos and revelations, here are our report cards to the protagonists of the third episode of Temptation Island.

Gennaro and Anna – After the very hard bonfire of confrontation, which also tested Alessia Marcuzzi, Gennaro and Anna went back to sit facing each other to talk about their relationship. If in the last episode the two had attacked and insulted each other without thinking about the consequences, this time Gennaro returns to Anna determined to win her back and leave the program with her, but things don't go as he had imagined. In fact, in the village in Sardinia, the young woman discovered that she no longer wants to live a half-hearted feeling and after leaving her boyfriend she asks to meet the single Mario. “With you I found empathy – he says -. I feel that I don't have to defend myself ”. Then, after showing the video of the meeting to Gennaro, not without a few chuckles, he decides to end the relationship: "I'll get out of here knowing that you were my great love, which I could not have," he explains. And he replies: "I would like to go out with her but I don't know what fish to take". This concludes the journey of a couple who, from the beginning, wavered, amidst recriminations and talks about money that perhaps had very little to do with love. VOTE: 5.

Carlotta – Funny, over the top, simply unique: Carlotta most of all faced the adventure of Temptation Island with great irony. Faced with Nello's courtship towards Benedetta, he is desperate, but does not lose his ready joke. “Barbie and Ken look alike, she with the t *** and outside in the outside, I'm happy if she took it, other than marriage. I hate him ", she blurts out, addressing Alessia Marcuzzi as if she were an old friend to confide in. VOTE: 7.

Speranza and Alberto – In the singles village, Alberto continues to flirt with Nunzia, reserving harsh words for the girlfriend he has been linked to for many years. She, who has suffered for all these weeks, now seems to have reached the limit of endurance. “I don't know how long I can endure and keep – confesses to Alessia Marcuzzi -. I'm afraid of not being up to par, of not being beautiful and of not being able to rebuild my life after Alberto ". But the presenter, with decision, reassures her: “You are beautiful, you are beautiful”. If Alberto now seems to have completely lost sight of his relationship with Speranza, lacking respect for her several times, she is still too afraid and restrained in her reactions. VOTE: 5. Will there be an epilogue sooner or later?

Serena – Jealousy plays bad tricks, right Davide? Finally away from a boyfriend who oppressed her and prevented her from doing anything, Serena is reborn. Between dances, laughter and going out, she rediscovered the serenity that perhaps she had been missing for some time. After the horrible speeches made at the beginning of his adventure on Temptation Island ("I control her mind", "I don't think she is up to talking"), Davide is also realizing that a change is necessary or he will lose his girlfriend. And when the single Ettore makes a confession to the other companions he no longer has any doubts and asks for the comparison bonfire. It is not yet clear what Serena's choice will be, the only certainty is that many, conquered by her smile and her energy, hope that she will soon rise to the throne of Men and Women. VOTE: 7.

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