Temptation Island 2021, Claudia and Ste with a pending wedding

Temptation Island 2021, Claudia and Ste with a pending wedding

Claudia and Ste are the couple from "Temptation Island" with a postponed marriage and a sentiment to test

Claudia and Ste are the first couple of Temptation Island 2021. Maria De Filippi's program, starting June 30, will host six couples ready to get involved in a beautiful village in Sardinia this year as well. Among the contestants of the show are Claudia and Ste who have postponed the wedding due to the Coronavirus and who now want to find out if the feeling that unites them is really as strong as they hope.

She is 22, he is 24: they have been together since 2017. Love seemed strong and indissoluble, so much so that it pushed them to fix the wedding date. Then the pandemic and the need to postpone the union. A year later, Ste wants to marry Claudia, but she has begun to have some doubts about their relationship. The girl tried to write to Temptation Island to test her love story and see if she can really resist everything.

“My name is Claudia, I am 26 years old and I have been engaged to Ste for four and a half years – says Claudia in the presentation video of the show -. I wrote to Temptation Island because in the last year things have not gone very well between us and with the arrival of the wedding I have fears ". Ste is ready to prove to Claudia that he is the right man for her and that their relationship is destined to last. "We had set the wedding date for August 1, 2020. With the pandemic, however, we had to postpone – he explains -. I want to make her understand for the umpteenth time the security I have of my feeling and the will I have to marry her ".

To test the feeling between Claudia and Ste the singles present in the villages of Temptation Island. Between bonfires, confrontations and jealousies, the couple will try to find out if love is destined to last forever and if marriage is the right choice. Leading the broadcast, this year too, was Filippo Bisciglia, at the helm of the show since the first edition.

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