Temptation Island, a temptress reveals by mistake what will happen

How will it end between Massimo and Ilaria? The temptress Federica Lepanto gives an anticipation without wanting to

The first episode of Temptation Island as always has been full of emotions and many wonder how it will end. A clue comes from the temptress Federica Lepanto, who created a special bond with Massimo, Ilaria's boyfriend.

The girl was called several times in the pinnettu to see some videos in which the single and her boyfriend flirted, between hugs, caresses and important statements. The words of Massimo, who defined his relationship with Ilaria boring, revealing that the two would also have tried to have a son, made the girl suffer a lot, who burst into tears several times.

Ilaria is convinced that Massimo is no longer in love with her and she is sure she deserves much more. The conditions therefore do not seem good and the couple could soon say goodbye. Or not? Federica Lepanto has released some statements on Instagram that seem to reveal what happened to the confrontation bonfire.

The former GF winner in fact explained that he had abandoned the transmission first, but that things did not end up as he would have hoped. His words suggest that Ilaria asked to meet Massimo and that the two clarified, leaving Temptation Island together.

“If they have already finished recording? I don't know, I went out first! – said the temptress -. I feel like smiling, even if things don't always take the verse I hope for, even if I stayed in a wonderful place less than I would have liked, I'm happy because I lived every minute, more from my stomach than my head because I like it this way, and in the end I can feel good … I have always been me, neither more nor less … I invite you to follow the summer program ".

Also on Instagram, Federica defended the role of temptress: “Temptress smashes couples? This is not the meaning of the program – he explained -. The girls defined as tempting are simply singles who listen and compare themselves to boyfriends, who choose to go there to solve their problems or to leave permanently ".

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