Temptation Island, advances: Katia has collapsed

Temptation Island, the fate of couples revealed

New twists await us in the fourth episode. The situation between Katia and Vittorio turns upside down, and she bursts into sobs

We knew that Temptation Island was a program full of twists. This time, however, it seems that we will witness a real reversal of the situation, with a girlfriend who will end up shedding a sea of ​​tears.

This is the photonics Katia which, until now, we have always seen cheerful and exuberant. The girl will face an emotional breakdown, probably due to watching some videos of her boyfriend Vittorio.

The beginning of their journey had shown a very enamored Vittorio and a doubtful Katia, who immediately began to relate to the tempters. If, however, despite a stronger bond with the single Giovanni, has not physically approached anyone, he seems to feel a real attraction for Vanessa.

Vittorio and Vanessa exchanged hugs and effusions. He also confided to her all the doubts he has about his relationship and, above all, about compatibility with Katia's character. Initially, the girl did not seem to react in any way to the videos of her boyfriend but, apparently, she will completely change her attitude and will begin to be affected by jealousy and distance from her Vittorio.

Great expectations also for the bonfire of Andrea and Jessica. In the last episode, in fact, the blue-eyed boy, tired of seeing his girlfriend extremely close to the tempter Alessandro, decided to ask for a confrontation.

A scene previously seen, although on the first occasion Jessica had refused face to face with Andrea. It will be difficult now for her to step back and continue her journey inside the village: she will have to face her boyfriend. Has the story really come to an end or, as Andrea hopes, will you retrace your steps?

Serenity is not expected even for Ilaria and Massimo. The two, in fact, are increasingly distant. And if initially she seemed to want to preserve her story, now she is increasingly attracted to the tempter Javier and, becoming aware of the problems of the relationship, she is increasingly determined to let herself go. Massimo, on the other hand, unnerved by the attitudes of his girlfriend, continues to relate to Elena and does not seem to want to implement any change of course.

What will couples do? We just have to wait for the broadcast of the fourth episode, which promises to be crackling and full of surprises.

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