Temptation Island, Alessia Marcuzzi reveals Maria De Filippi's request

Temptation Island, Alessia Marcuzzi reveals Maria De Filippi's request

Alessia Marcuzzi prepares to lead Temptation Island and reveals Maria De Filippi's request

Alessia Marcuzzi, mother in love with Tommaso and Mia

Alessia Marcuzzi tells the secrets of the new edition of Temptation Island and reveals the request of Maria De Filippi. In this new version of the show, which comes after the one led by Filippo Bisciglia, there will be no famous couples.

"I am very happy because I returned to my first love with reality shows made up of ordinary people – Marcuzzi explained to Sorrisi e Canzoni TV -, like when I was hosting 'Big Brother'. We talked about it for a long time with Maria De Filippi, at first we thought of making a mix of famous and not famous couples. But then we agreed that people recognize and identify themselves more with those who resemble their neighbors, work colleagues. And it is the strength of this program, the reason why everyone likes it, adults and very young people ”.

Alessia then revealed that she had received some advice from Maria De Filippi regarding the look. Costanzo's wife in fact would have advised her to wear jeans. “In the evening we finish shooting late and on the trunk where I rest it freezes! – he said -. But, beyond the jokes, Maria told me: 'I want you rigorous'. And she's right, she got it right: 'freaked out' I would not be credible in a role almost like a 'psychologist'. Jeans are better, they are more congenial to me ”.

Temptation Island will start on 9 September and Alessia is ready for this new adventure after a summer dedicated to family. The showgirl was divided between sea and mountains with her husband Paolo Calabresi Marconi and their two children Mia and Tommaso. “In everyday life I like to dress like a tomboy – he explained -. Always, so much so that as a child they called me Lady Oscar. And now I steal shirts and sweaters from my husband's closet […] At 'Le iene' I am exuberant, explosive on stage. Here, the miniskirt can be put there because with Nicola Savino we have the task of giving lightness to the show, in our space, even if the program deals with very hard, heavy issues of complaint – explains the beautiful 47-year-old – At 'Temptation' instead I can give vent to a perhaps lesser known side of me, to my skills as a listener. I like, even in life, when I know a new couple, to ask, browse, listen to how the first meeting happened ".

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