Temptation Island, Archangel and Nunzia have come closer: the indiscretions

Temptation Island, Archangel and Nunzia have come closer: the indiscretions

After the second confrontation bonfire and leaving the village, Archangel and Nunzia seem to have come closer

After confirming the breakdown at the second confrontation bonfire, Archangel and Nunzia would seem to have come closer after leaving the village of Temptation Island.

As we all know, despite the insistence of his fiancée, the Neapolitan boy decided to definitively end the 13-year relationship, declaring himself inadequate to be with her. And indeed, this is how Arcangelo Bianco proved himself inside the boyfriend village, where he intimately approached the single Sonia, with whom he exchanged a fleeting kiss convinced that he was not filmed by the cameras.

Once out of the village, after the second confrontation bonfire, in an interview the boy said he regretted having kissed the temptress: "Yes, I'm sorry I did. When I was alone I realized that I had let myself be euphoric and at that point I realized that I had made a mistake. I was engaged, I shouldn't have been and that wasn't the time. This made me think again: I understood that I am wrong and that I do not deserve a person like Nunzia near me. There is no euphoria, nor is there any justification that could explain such a gesture. I can't hurt a person this way, because if I'm capable of doing it, I'm not able to have someone close. "

These statements could suggest a rethinking of Archangel, who admitted to missing Nunzia, who has been tenderly close to him for thirteen years. For its part, the bell has instead declared that it wants to start a new life, take care of itself and try to find its personal balance. Despite this, it is undeniable that she is still in love with her ex boyfriend, which could leave the boy the free way for a possible return.

Of course, thirteen years of relationship are certainly not easy to forget. And despite having made a mistake, the Campania player still seems not to have found the definitive answers to the doubts that Temptation Island has raised about his feelings: "I know I was wrong, but I am not yet ready to find an answer to all my questions". This could really make you think that in these days Archangel has retraced his steps, getting closer to Nunzia and thus giving a happy ending to this tormented love story.

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