Temptation Island: Aurora Betti is pregnant

Temptation Island: Aurora Betti is pregnant

Aurora Betti, former protagonist of Temptation Island with Gianmarco Valenza, announced that she is pregnant

Aurora Betti, one of the undisputed protagonists of Temptation Island, where she was talked about due to the end of love with Gianmarco Valenza, is pregnant. Arriving on the island of temptations, the young woman let herself be immediately seduced by another boy, leaving her boyfriend out of the blue, who soon after took the throne of "Men and Women".

Today Aurora has announced to wait for a son from Simone Aresti, a Ternana footballer. He did this by posting the ultrasound image on the social media and writing a long dedication to the child he was carrying. "We have wanted you so much since the first day we made love – the girl wrote -. We have imagined you and we have already designed so many things for you that you may not want to do. "

The former protagonist of "Temptation Island" continued on Instagram: "Both I and your dad would like to grow you with at least a quarter of the skill of our parents, human with so many difficulties in life but who still wear the clothes of the superheroes – he explained -. In a few months you will come to life and you will see that to expect you will find grandparents and great-grandparents in tow ready to spoil you, the uncles most out of mind that there are some who will teach you when you are a teenager you won't listen to us anymore, but above all you'll find me, who will not I will know how to hold your little head and that I will be afraid to see you grow up because I have seen it, try and make so many mistakes ”.

"My dad and I found ourselves in such an absurd way that only when you grow up will I be able to explain – the post of Aurora Betti continues -, but we'll laugh together and you will understand that you wake up one morning and after years of relationships that you have looked like Jak and Rose on the Titanic know the eternal love, the true. If you are afraid of going outside reassured, your grandmother is the best obstetrician there is and she will catch you better than your dad ".

Finally Aurora Betti, already dreaming of the baby's birth, joked about childbirth and her life with the child. "Your dad may even faint on the most beautiful – he imagined – and his mother will offend him so much by shaking his hand, but luckily you won't understand the bad words yet. I apologize if I'll smear your feet and dress you in differently colored shoes, my mother is a bit extravagant, but only because she loves you and life so much! Now let's go to bed, I'll put the thumb in my mouth too so I'll keep you company. "

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