Temptation Island, Ciavy defends herself and reveals how things are with Valeria after the show

Ciavy and Valeria were in the eye of the storm after Temptation Island: he decided to have his say, to defend himself and reveal how things are now

The latest edition of Temptation Island gave spectators a real escalation of emotions. All the participating couples had specific peculiarities and managed to conquer as much as to divide. A striking example? The couple formed by Ciavy and Valeria.

Since entering the Temptation resort, Ciavy (born Andrea Mallopakis) and his girlfriend have established themselves as a couple with a strong narrative power. Their story was certainly based on a sentimental past as strong as it was complicated, which over the course of the program spilled over into everyday behavior, influencing each other's behavior.

What came of it, it is useless to deny it, is an image of Ciavy that is not exactly flattering, either because of the frustrations of Valeria, who during the program has repeatedly explained that she felt overshadowed and neglected, or because of the reactions and the Mallopakis' alpha male attitudes, who out of jealousy and character has always been grumpy or overly heated.

Their relationship seemed destined to end forever also due to Valeria's approach to the tempter Alessandro and, in fact, after a real fiery confrontation between the two, Valeria had decided to go out alone and say goodbye to Ciavy . However, after the end of the program, things changed.

Valeria and Ciavy are in fact back together: the thing, which previously could only be assumed by some clues on their social networks, has then become official. And in the last few days it was Ciavy who wanted to have his say, explaining in the pages of Il Giornale that now in the first place in their lives there is the discovery of their understanding:

We decided to put our history first, nothing else counts. It was not easy to get back together: I had to go out of my way to win back Valeria who, rightly, took time because she believed it was my way to get out well. Instead I showed her that I care, that it is important to me.

The couple, therefore, is rebuilding itself. However, apart from the news about their sentimental situation, Ciavy is also keen to put the dots on the i's and to defend himself from the hard legacy that Temptation has left him:

I am not a monster. I admit that I am jealous and have a strong character, but not so as to ruin her life.

In short, now Ciavy wants to free himself from the distrust of the public and be next to his Valeria, without conditions. Will the two be able to regain serenity?

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