Temptation Island, Marcuzzi triumphs thanks to De Filippi. And couples are already in crisis

Alessia Marcuzzi

Between betrayals, confessions and dangerous approaches, many of the couples are already in crisis. Frozen shower for Hope, Carlotta and Sofia

Debut full of twists for Temptation Island. The new edition of the show, conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi, went live already during the first episode. The participants, in fact, are extremely determined to have the special experience to understand, with the help of temptresses and temptresses, the true nature of their feelings.

The couples, this time, are completely made up of non-famous people: Serena and Davide, Sofia and Amedeo, Speranza and Alberto, Anna and Gennaro, Nadia and Antonio and Carlotta and Nello, will bring to light the criticalities and problems present in their relationship , trying to solve them in the 21 days of separation provided by Temptation Island.

Alessia Marcuzzi, following the advice of Maria De Filippi, immediately entered the role of mediator and, extricating herself from burning revelations and betrayals, guided all the participants to discover their feelings, listening, with sweetness, to their confessions and, above all, to their venting and coping with the unexpected.

Already in trouble Nello, who has confided to his companions that he intends to restrain himself to avoid bad figures. However, he immediately approached the single Benedetta, showing a strong harmony with her and forcing his girlfriend Carlotta to watch some unpleasant videos in the pinnettu. A disappointment for the girl, who, after seeing her boyfriend courting the temptress, burst into tears and vented with her travel companions.

A similar situation also for Alberto who, talking to the other boys, admitted that he had betrayed his girlfriend Speranza and that he was convinced to leave the program alone. He then declared that he had many doubts about the nature of his feelings, stating that the relationship with his partner could be based only on habit.

Alberto's words were, for Speranza, a cold shower. The girl, in fact, would have asked her boyfriend several times what he felt for her, receiving reassuring answers. The closeness with the single Nunzia also hurt her deeply:

If you have respect, I'm not saying for me, but for the sixteen years and yourself that you've been in this story, you tell me.

The other boys in the village of the fiancés also share the same opinion, who advised Alberto to avoid mistakes and attitudes that could hurt Speranza. He, however, seems increasingly convinced that he wants to change his life.

Finally, for some, the journey was rather short. Amedeo, engaged to Sofia for 11 years, revealed a secret before the actual start of the show: he cheated on his partner and is no longer sure he loves her. However, he did not have the courage to say what happened.

Sofia, who instead hoped for a happy ending and a coexistence, was shocked and deeply disturbed while listening to Amedeo's confession in the pinnettu. She therefore asked for an immediate confrontation bonfire in which she unexpectedly said she was willing to forgive her boyfriend. Thus, they left the program hand in hand to try to rebuild their relationship. A decision that displaced Marcuzzi who, just like many viewers, appeared unconvinced of the awareness reached by the two, albeit hopeful for their future.

Secrets, tears, disappointments and anger characterized the first episode of Temptation Island. Many of the couples already seem to be in trouble. Will they be able to get to the end of the program still convinced of their love?

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