Temptation Island, Pietro Delle Piane challenges Antonella Elia and sends a message

Temptation Island, Pietro Delle Piane challenges Antonella Elia and sends a message

On his Instagram profile Pietro Delle Piane sent a message to Antonella Elia, with words that seem to be addressed to her

The path of Pietro Delle Piane and Antonella Elia continues to reserve twists, despite Temptation Island has closed its doors a few weeks ago. In fact, the actor, through his Instagram profile, wanted to send a message to his former partner.

Pietro has published a solo shot, immortalized on a beach in a bathing suit, accompanied by words full of meaning, which seem to be addressed precisely to his Antonella: "Trust is a surrender to the other, it is challenging him to live up to the gift ".

Obviously the couple's fans couldn't help but express their opinion, filling the actor's photo with comments: "Okay guys, for me this statement says it all," wrote a follower. Among the sentences under the shot you can also read "Pietro you said some beautiful words", "But how beautiful you are together!": Many of the fans continue to hope for a flashback between Pietro and Antonella, even if others do not they look favorably on a possible continuation of their love story.

After a journey made of ups and downs, for Antonella and Pietro the Temptation Island adventure did not end in the best way. In fact, their journey into feelings saw a fire of stormy confrontation: after disappointments, criticisms and quarrels, Pietro Delle Piane has repeatedly expressed his intention to rebuild the relationship with the showgirl and his latest post on Instagram seems to be a further confirmation.

The actor had already broken the silence on social media: after being paparazzi together with the sea, Pietro shared a shot accompanied by words that seemed to be dedicated to his ex-partner.

Meanwhile, after the end of Temptation Island, Antonella Elia wants to devote herself to her career: the showgirl was in fact chosen by Alfonso Signorini to be the new commentator of the fifth edition of Big Brother Vip alongside Pupo.

Yet, according to her friend Manila Nazzaro, Elijah would not have completely forgotten Peter. As she revealed in a recent interview: "Today she is still thinking about their relationship and if she decides to give Pietro a second chance, it is right that she does it without anyone being allowed to judge her".

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