Temptation Island: Roberta meets single Diana, insults fly

Temptation Island: Roberta meets single Diana, insults fly

Roberta Mercurio and Diana Danlinescu met after the end of Temptation Island and insults flew

Roberta Mercurio and Diana Dalinescu meet after the end of Temptation Island and … insults fly! To tell it was the same temptress of the Canale Cinque program, revealing that she had met Roberta during an evening in a disco in Syracuse, Sicily.

According to Diana, Roberta Mercurio was in the company of other girlfriends known during Temptation Island and some girls would have flown insults against her. "We met in a place where I was with my boyfriend" said the ex temptress Diana "They passed by me, and one of them gave me a little cute term or defined me as a girl of easy "costumes.

Roberta's attitude did not appeal to Diana Danlinescu at all, who clarified that she had never been particularly interested in Flavio Zerella, so much so that in the end she would not even have left the Canale Cinque program with him. Diana explained that she provoked Flavio simply to make him come out of the closet because he believed he did not behave well towards him and those of his girlfriend Roberta Mercurio.

In the end, however, Roberta, just like Mariarita with Luca, decided to forgive Flavio and return with him despite having approached Diana a little too much, promising her meetings even after the program and suggesting that he had fallen in love with her. It is no coincidence that after the end of the program conducted by Filippo Bisciglia, the two would have heard each other by messages, as Diana Dalinescu herself said.

"Just a few text messages to find out how it was going, and to wish us a happy and peaceful future with our respective partners" explained the girl "This was the last text message, then we didn't feel like it anymore." Despite this it seems that Roberta Mercurio, as well as the other girls of Temptation Island, Diana's behavior towards Flavio is not liked at all.

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