Temptation Island, Sabrina makes a shocking proposal to single Giulio

Temptation, the temptress disappointed by Nicola. And throws Sabrina a little arrow

At Temptation Island, Nicola's girlfriend Sabrina will soon make a shocking offer to single Giulio

The next episode of Temptation Island will be quite eventful. To reveal the latest advances according to which Sabrina will make a shocking proposal to the single Giulio.

Engaged for about two years with Nicola, Sabrina has decided to participate in the reality show to test their love. At 42, in fact, she wants to understand if she still has to invest time and energy in a love story with a man much younger than her. The boyfriend is in fact 30 years old and she considers him very immature.

“I have always been with men older than me – she had revealed in the presentation video – and never in my life would I have thought of being with a boy so much younger than me. Going to 'Temptation Island' I would like to understand whether to continue investing my future in this relationship. "

Within hours of her arrival on Temptation Island, just as it happened to Jessica, Sabrina felt drawn to Giulio. Former suitor of Giulia Cavaglià, the young man is 30 years old, like his boyfriend, but according to the woman he would be much more mature.

In the second episode of Temptation Island the attraction between Giulio and Sabrina was palpable, so much so that Nicola got angry, saying that before landing in the reality show he and the woman were trying to have a son.

"She brain smoked – she said venting with the other boyfriends in the village – because we made love the night before entering. Say she is pregnant! He is making a figure of me ** a ”.

Now, according to the advances published in Men and Women Magazine, it seems that there will be a twist. The production revealed that in the next episodes Sabrina will make a "shock proposal" to Giulio that no one expected and that will question her relationship with Nicola.

What is it about? For now it is not known, certainly, after Nunzia and Arcangelo, other couples will soon arrive at the comparison bonfire. Not only Sabrina and Nicola, but also Jessica and Andrea, divided by her attraction for the single Alessandro.

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