Temptation Island, second episode advances: two shocking videos

Temptation Island, second episode advances: two shocking videos

The second episode of Temptation Island will be full of unexpected twists and crises: the advances

What will happen in the next episode of Temptation Island? Apparently also this time the emotions will not fail. In recent days, a video appeared on the broadcast's Instagram profile that anticipated an important turning point in reality TV.

In fact, in the second episode Andrea, thanks to Filippo Bisciglia, will see a secret video of Jessica and find out what happened between his fiancée and the tempter Alessandro. But it did not end there, because it seems that two other couples will go into crisis.

To reveal it was the production of the program that released other clips with the official previews of the next appointment. The first couple to tremble will be the one formed by Nicola and Sabrina who have decided to participate in Temptation Island to understand if, despite the age difference, they can dream of a future together.

In the village of girlfriends Sabrina often spoke of Nicola, calling him "immature" and showing some interest in Giulio Raselli, a former suitor of men and women and tempter. In the second episode of Temptation Island, the boy will have a bad surprise when, recalled from the production in the pinnettu, he will watch a movie in which the girlfriend enters the single room. "She brain smoked – she says in the video of previews -, I come out of here with my head held high, the one who is making a shitty figure is her at 42 years old".

The couple formed by Katia and Vittorio also seem at risk. The latter will lose patience after seeing his girlfriend in intimate attitudes with a single. Two and a half years thrown in the toilet – he says in the clip, letting off steam -. It is about me ** or devote attention, things … the waste of time … Brava! Brava! Really a lot of stuff! ".

Meanwhile, expectations are growing for what could be two comparison bonfires. Nunzia, after seeing Archangel in Sonia's arms, in what seemed like a kiss away from the cameras, asked to speak with him. Andrea instead, after having viewed the secret video of Jessica, could choose to immediately abandon the program.

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