Temptation Island second episode, couples at the showdown

Temptation Island second episode, couples at the showdown

An episode in the name of the crisis and the breaking of all certainties. Many tears shed, so much jealousy and some betrayal in sight

Temptation Island, the famous couples born in reality TV

In the second episode of Temptation Island the couples are already in crisis, mainly because of the behavior of men who cannot resist the fascinating temptresses. The contrasts of the first episode therefore continue. In particular, Mariarita and Valeria are destroyed by the behavior of their boyfriends, Luca and Roberto, towards the seductive singles, Irene and Melissa. After watching the videos of the week, the two girlfriends even left the bonfire.

Especially Mariarita is desperate and bursts against Luca (in the next episode of Temptation Island you will see the comparison between the two):

I don't want to stand here and watch that he makes his own and that the little story is created, and I here to act as a chicken.

There is no peace even for Ernesto and Gabriella. To make anger mount the boy the words that she had towards his family, so much so that she is thinking of leaving. The urge to escape also for Roberta who burst into tears, but is torn. Perhaps for the young age he still manages to find a justification for the little respect Flavio has for their relationship.

Even Ludovica and Fabio are not doing well and uncertainty grips both. The couple born to men and women has only lasted two months and both are afraid of not being loved.

Georgette, on the other hand, is ever closer to the tempter Claudio and jealousy creeps in. While the boyfriend Davide is deeply jealous (that's what happened to the couples of 2015).

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