Temptation Island, Speranza and Alberto spotted together after the farewell

Temptation Island, Speranza and Alberto spotted together after the farewell

After the confrontation bonfire at "Temptation Island", Speranza and Alberto were spotted together

Temptation Island 2020, the official cast

Is it really over between Alberto and Speranza? The two protagonists of Temptation Island would have been spotted together despite the harsh confrontation bonfire that appeared in the last episode of Alessia Marcuzzi's show. Alberto and Speranza landed in Sardinia to test their love story that has lasted for 16 years now. However, he immediately showed a strong interest in the single Nunzia, forgetting his girlfriend and reserving very harsh words for her.

After difficult bonfires and decidedly compromising videos, Speranza asked for a confrontation with her partner. Alberto, after kissing Nunzia, met his girlfriend determined to put an end to their long love story. “Getting started is difficult because already for how I find you – said Alberto -. I have known you for 16 years I understand everything but once again you are thinking that I did everything only for my own good ”.

Speranza then said that she was very ill during her stay in Temptation Island: “I think that today this was not a choice you made here, but it was something that you brought from outside – she clarified -. From the first video I had to call you, but I had to have the picture of everything, but you were so small. You were supposed to call me and you knew her outside. At least you didn't humiliate me. I have a person in front of me that I love without limits, because the feeling is not a shame and I do not regret anything I have done in these sixteen years, but at the bonfires I was ashamed, I wanted to sink ”.

The most difficult moment came when the two watched the video in which Alberto kisses the single Nunzia. “I had a journey and I remember everything I did and I was myself – Alberto said -. I have never been happy like this, for the first time I was really happy. Pretending again would have been wrong! ”.

"Did you understand reality by kissing a person and following this type of path? – replied Speranza – But you are a monster! In spite of everything, I have never spoken badly about you with girls. In fact, I wish you well, to hang out with this girl and be happy ".

Words that suggest the end of the love story, but there could be a twist. The blogger Deianira Marzano has in fact collected some reports according to which Alberto and Speranza are still dating. In particular, a person who claims to know them well, would have seen the boy enter the home of the former protagonist of Temptation Island. For now, the two have not commented and it is likely that they will do so only after the last episode of the show with Alessia Marcuzzi and in the appointment that will tell their lives a month after the reality show.

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