Temptation Island, the broadcast could slip due to a couple

Alessia Marcuzzi

A couple would have already broken out during the first recordings forcing the editorial staff of Temptation Island to reconsider the airing date

Temptation Island, all the couples of the edition conducted by Alessia Marcuzzi

Everything is ready for the new edition of Temptation Island: the enthusiasm of Alessia Marcuzzi, who will host the reality show of feelings, is skyrocketing. The six couples who will test their love have been chosen and the public is looking forward to following the evolution of their stories. One problem, however, could postpone the broadcast of the program, scheduled for 9 September.

To question the start date of the show would have been a completely unexpected event. This was revealed by the DavideMaggio.it portal, which revealed what sensationally happened in the first days of recording Temptation Island. One of the six couples would have already reached the end of the line, forcing the editing of the program to review the editing and any programming. To gain some time, therefore, it would have been decided to postpone the broadcast to a later date.

One of the girlfriends would have asked for the immediate bonfire shortly after the start of the recording. To lead her to the choice of abandoning the journey into feelings would have been the confirmation of a betrayal, which she always suspected, by her partner. Disappointment and anger at what was discovered would have been enough for the woman to make a final decision on her relationship.

It is not known which of the six couples, this time all strictly made up of not famous people, could have been the cause of the possible date change. Furthermore, no confirmation or denial has come from the official communication channels of Temptation Island or Alessia Marcuzzi.

If the news turns out to be true, it would be the second program of the television season to be postponed a few days from the scheduled date. Even Milly Carlucci, in fact, had to announce the change of the departure date of Dancing with the Stars, albeit for a very different cause: some competitors tested positive for Coronavirus.

Despite this hypothetical problem, this edition of Temptation Island seems to promise great twists and emotions. Alessia Marcuzzi, thanks also to the precious advice of Maria De Filippi, will be able to guide the participants who, in turn, have declared that they are ready to get involved in order to understand if what they are experiencing is true love or just a destined feeling. to finish?

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