Temptation Island: the first words of Jessica and Andrea after the bonfire

Temptation Island: the first words of Jessica and Andrea after the bonfire

Andrea and Jessica let off steam after the bonfire on Temptation Island and a painful farewell

What happened between Andrea and Jessica after the end of Temptation Island? The comparison bonfire between the two was particularly hard and in the end the insurance consultant decided to abandon the reality show together with the tempter Alessandro.

After the bonfire with Filippo Bisciglia and her now ex-boyfriend, Jessica made some statements. “Andrea is a wonderful person – he explained in tears – but we were not well together, I don't want to be satisfied anymore. I am not ashamed, I followed my heart. "

“The thing that hurts me is to have left us this way – added Jessica, before meeting the single -, but I knew that she would not have understood me. I want to think about myself and Alessandro makes me feel good. I want to follow my heart and my happiness ".

Andrea, who until the end had hoped for a reconciliation, accepted Jessica's choice: “I was really in love with her – the boy confessed -. When I saw her cry I thought she realized what she had done, instead she completely dismantled me. He told me he got a crush on this. From tomorrow we start another life, we go on ".

Did the two ex meet after the reality show? How did it end between Jessica and the single Alessandro? All couples before taking part in Temptation Island sign a confidentiality agreement which obliges them to maintain the strictest confidentiality about what happened on the show.

After the confrontation bonfire, however, the protagonists are back on social media. Jessica published a photo that portrays her alone, writing: "How much noise", while Andrea thanked all the fans for the support and the good messages received these days. Finally the tempter Alessandro (indicated by many as the new tronista of Men and Women) has posted videos of songs and trainings in the Stories.

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