Temptation Island Vip, Pettinelli reveals a background on De Filippi

Temptation Island Vip, Pettinelli reveals a background on De Filippi

Anna Pettinelli confesses after Temptation Island Vip and reveals a background on Maria De Filippi

Anna Pettinelli confesses after Temptation Island Vip, revealing a background on Maria De Filippi. The radio host was one of the most loved and discussed characters in this second edition of the reality show with her boyfriend Stefano Macchi.

The couple landed at Temptation Island Vip to test a love that has lasted for several years and that seemed very strong despite the age difference. If during the adventure Stefano had a lot of fun, creating a special bond with the single Cecilia Zagarrigo, Anna Pettinelli shed bitter tears seeing the videos of her boyfriend.

The final bonfire was particularly hard for the two lovers, with a distraught Anna and a Stefano who did not fully understand the suffering of the companion. Eventually the couple abandoned Temptation Island Vip hand in hand, despite the misunderstandings and tears.

To those who asked her if she regretted it, Pettinelli replied sharply: "But just for nothing – he told Leggo -. Very happy to have done it. And regardless of the epilogue. I had already proposed various realities in the past, from Big Brother to The Island of the Famous. This time I said yes for two reasons. First: here I felt guaranteed – he added -, because I know how Maria De Filippi works with the Fascino group, I respect her, I trust her. Second: here there are real feelings at stake, there is talk of love, of a relationship between two people who are together and want to prove themselves ”.

Anna Pettinelli then revealed that she had received a particular phone call from Maria De Filippi shortly before leaving for Sardinia. "As soon as he learned that I had accepted – he explained -, the same De Filippi, who knows me well, called me and warned me: look what you do in ****".

Despite this, Anna does not regret anything: "The risk is put into the account," he said. When I talked to Stefano about it, we said to ourselves: it will be a nice experiment, but we were both pretty sure that we would have overcome it. "

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