Temptation, Manila talks about his future and Ciavy and Valeria would be back together

Temptation, Manila talks about his future and Ciavy and Valeria would be back together

News for Temptation contestants: Manila gives an interview, while it seems that Ciavy and Valeria are back together

Temptation Island 2020, the couples of the new edition

News in the air for some Temptation Island participants: after Pietro Delle Piane's apologies to his partner Antonella Elia, there are new implications for Manila Nazzaro and for the couple Ciavy and Valeria. But let's go in order.

The Rai presenter gave an interview to TvBlog, to comment on the indiscretion circulated in recent days that saw the top management of Mediaset being interested in wanting Manila and companion Lorenzo Amoruso to the Big Brother Vip as participants.

Big Brother Vip? It would be a double-edged sword, it could tire the public or make it even more curious. I have never hidden that I would like to try the experience of the GF Vip, which, like Temptation Island, is a great showcase. However, I believe that I have also shown that I have a maturity to do other things. I've always worked on television, now my ambition would be to have my own space.

At the moment, therefore, there would seem to be no confirmation from the presenter, who has nevertheless shown herself hopeful in fulfilling her dream, that of having her own program. In addition Manila, who has always worked for Rai on television, has expressed that she would like to continue with public TV: after all, as she herself told in the interview in question, from her colleagues she only had positive reactions for her debut at Temptation.

I received certificates of esteem from many parts of Rai. At this point, continuity on Rai 2 would be gratifying. Temptation was the showcase I needed, it made me known for who I really am, beyond the physical aspect.

If Manila and Lorenzo from this important showcase – to quote the presenter – came out stronger than ever, another couple came out rather shabby, namely the duo Ciavy and Valeria.

The (perhaps) former couple broke up abruptly – after four years together – during the last bonfire of confrontation, in which the two faced the betrayals of one and the other.

The breakup was so heavy that Valeria did not even want to deepen the relationship with the tempter Alessandro Basciano because she wanted to focus on herself, yet reality fans have found something that could disprove this statement reported by the tempter.

A social clue, in fact, would reveal a newfound closeness between Ciavy and Valeria: on Instagram, the two shared some shots immortalized in the same place. Underlining the assumption is the description of the girl's post that mentioned the same photographer who appeared in the profile of the (alleged) ex.

Indeed, this is a strange coincidence for a couple that had now broken out: some rumors even reported that the two would never break up and during the program they would only act.

We just have to see if Valeria and Ciavy will give some explanations on the matter.

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