Temptation: Massimo lets himself go, Ilaria out of himself (and argues with Javier)

If Ilaria is looking for contact with Javier, Massimo kisses the temptress Elena. All couples seem increasingly distant

This edition of Temptation Island is also nearing its conclusion. The remaining couples are now few, but they do not spare us numerous twists.

All three couples now show signs of slowing down and approach the final bonfires with a little nervousness and a lot of impatience. Their fate seems increasingly uncertain. Will love triumph?

For Katia, in particular, the situation seems to have completely reversed. The affection that her boyfriend Vittorio felt towards him seemed unchanging, but during his stay in the villages something has changed.

If Katia, in fact, has not particularly linked with any of the tempters, although interacting a lot with the tempter Nicolas, Vittorio instead seems to have taken a crush on the single Vanessa. He also sought closer and closer physical contact with her.

Katia, aided by the other girlfriends, also began to reflect on her mistakes and the lack of attention that her boyfriend may have suffered during their relationship. In short, an enterprising Vittorio seems to have destabilized her enough to make her cry during the bonfire.

Sabrina, on the other hand, is between two fires: if on the one hand she tries something for the tempter Giulio, on the other she cannot help feeling jealousy for her boyfriend Nicola. The latter, in fact, is getting closer and closer to the single Maddalena.

Nicola, for his part, found himself in front of a Sabrina in tears for fear of not being reciprocated by the tempter. Obviously these images, seen twice, did not leave him indifferent and, angry, he claimed not to recognize his woman. In response, then, he went into the villa of temptresses, where there are no cameras.

Both, therefore, have found solace in their respective tempters and seem destined to break up. Temptation Island, however, got us used to twists during the final confrontation bonfires. Could this be the case with Sabrina and Nicola?

Finally, the situation between Massimo and Ilaria is very tense. Both say they are very disappointed by the other's behavior and seem to have no intention of getting back together. In particular, Massimo tied himself first to the temptress Federica and then to the single Elena.

Ilaria, on the other hand, after seeing her boyfriend's attitudes, decided to deepen her knowledge of Javier, with whom a special feeling seems to have been born. The tempter, in fact, made a very important gesture, introducing the girl to her father and brother. She then said she wanted to see him again even after the end of the program and strongly sought physical contact with him.

Massimo, disappointed and embittered by all this, let himself go to confessions about his relationship, saying he no longer felt physical attraction for his fiancée. He then kissed, albeit quickly, the single Elena. At the sight of this Ilaria burst into tears and, although struck by the words of her boyfriend, she declared that she was still in love with her.

For fear of the judgment of her boyfriend, Ilaria has decided to give up the dream weekend with Javier. The choice was also the cause of an argument with the tempter. The girl thus remained in the village alone, watching Massimo's videos in the company of the single Elena. Confused images, since they were shot in the dark by a service camera, but which suggest an exchange of kisses.

Massimo, however, the next day, decided to end the weekend and to confront his girlfriend. Elena, despite not agreeing with the boy's decision, could not help but accept it.

The confrontation between Massimo and Ilaria saw the couple retrace their whole steps, referring to their respective visits within the villages. Will they come out together or separate? We just have to wait for the next episode to find out.

The next bonfires will see all the couples confront each other. Will they understand what they really want? Will they return more in love than before or will they decide to take separate paths?

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