Temptation, Natasha speaks for the first time about farewell to Alessio

Natascia e Alessio

After the confrontation bonfire at "Temptation Island" and the subsequent farewell, Natascia talks about Alessio

Natasha speaks for the first time about the farewell to Alessio, who arrived after the end of Temptation Island. The two had landed on the show to test their love. To write to the editorial office was Natasha who had doubts about the relationship because she felt constantly judged and no longer appreciated.

The path in the program had not been easy, especially for Alessio who had let himself go to tears in front of the videos in which Natasha revealed to a tempter private details of her life. At the confrontation bonfire they seemed on the verge of breaking up, but Alessio's emotion and his promises had made it possible to reach the happy ending.

Like the other Temptation Island contestants, the couple took part in Claudia and Ste's wedding. Then the announcement of a crisis and, shortly after, the breakup. In recent weeks both have remained silent, perhaps to try to understand what is happening. To reveal how things are was Natasha who answered the questions of some users on Instagram. The girl explained that she has not yet clarified with Alessio and that when she does, she will reveal her decision.

“I don't expose myself until I have a confrontation with him,” he wrote. The young woman, on the other hand, was clearer about her bond with Samuele, the single she had approached during the Temptation Island adventure and with whom there seemed to be a strong feeling. "Surely if I had not been engaged, a beautiful friendship could have been created," she revealed.

Finally, the former contestant of the show confided that he had created a good bond with all the protagonists of Temptation Island. “With all women (I love women), with men Samuele and Angelo – he added -. They make you die of laughter as well as being beautiful and good. On the contrary, follow them ”. In the meantime, Alessio has not made any statements about the breakup and on Instagram he tells about his summer as a single, between the sea and dinners with friends. Among the latest posts, a phrase that according to many would refer to Natasha. "If you really want it – he wrote -, you can find time at the cost of looking for it even in the moment between one breath and the next".

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