Temptation, the outburst of Andrea's ex-wife: "Enough lies". And don't spare Nathaly

Temptation, the outburst of Andrea's ex-wife: "Enough lies". And don't spare Nathaly

Daniela comments pointlessly to the interview of her ex-husband who also talks about Nathaly

Daniela, Andrea Ippoliti's ex-wife, doesn't fit and returns to sing on social media. After leaving Temptation Island Vip as a single and putting a point to his love story with Nathaly Caldonazzo, Ippoliti granted an interview through the Men and Women Magazine.

Andrea spoke openly, telling not only about his shipwrecked marriage, but also about the first time he met Nathaly.

Ippoliti met Daniela who was thirty, the two married and had three children. Today there is no good blood between them – if they speak it is only through lawyers – and Andrea tried to explain how his marriage was wrecked. And then, during that period of severe crisis, Nathaly arrived.

I met Nathaly at a party, during the crisis with my ex-wife. Initially it didn't strike me in a particular way … After some time, however, we found ourselves in love and happy, obviously I had already left home and I had interrupted (before that) the relationship with Daniela, which, rightly, has taken badly the end of our relationship by blaming Nathaly … that it had nothing to do with it.

The words of Andrea, however, did not particularly like the ex-wife who returned to the attack, more fierce than ever, harshly commenting on this interview (defined as a deposition before the judge) on Instagram. Daniela then reconnects to the party mentioned by the former, provoking him: "Why don't you say whose? Maybe a classmate? The truth is very bad ”.

During the interview, Andrea Ippoliti explained that his children did not see Nathaly but that the woman, for his part, always pushed him to be present for his boys. Daniela, however, has not left out any details in her social speech.

Didn't the children see his mistress's eye? Because he does not say the reason, it is very inconvenient for him. I also remember that he tried several times to go home, but I didn't want to.

Daniela concludes with a more embittered tone. "So many things we could say, but it is right to stop here even if the boys would like me to say everything. I'm sorry that in the interview you have only apologized to Caldonazzo, who is a grown woman anyway, but to his children who have only seen garbage to which he has caused so many problems is not it? "

Will there be a reply from Andrea? Or will Nathaly break the silence?

The words of Andrea's ex-wife. Source: Instagram

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