Terrible Meghan Markle, Harry is in trouble

Meghan Markle turns 38: Harry's moving message (and Kate's coldness)

Meghan Markle is still in the sights of the press, accused of being a difficult person that makes Harry's life impossible

Meghan Markle would be a hypocrite and a very difficult person to work for. This is the thought of a famous Crown commentator.

Meghan Markle continues to talk about herself and not for her pregnancy. The farewell of his last assistant, the third since joining the royal family, has sparked a new wave of rumors about him. Speaking was a well-known commentator on the Crown events, James Morrow. He explained to Sky Australia how the Duchess of Sussex is not at all a person to be able to deal with easily.

Morrow had already shown himself somewhat doubtful about the possibilities of adaptation of the former actress in this world full of rules, considering her habit of notoriety and a certain lifestyle. From everyday life to politics, with tendencies that the expert defines as left-wing, emphasizing that even his continually taking sides for one cause or another is not particularly welcome in certain rooms.

His way of doing things and the allegedly difficult character would have begun to undermine the relationship with Prince Harry, explains the expert, who shows himself at his side, in public, always very frowning and sad: "Far from it when you sees with his friends. For them only smiles and laughter ". The list of criticisms continues, however, with Meghan Markle accused of being a hypocrite, having decided to organize a particularly expensive baby shower. Morrow has not focused on the cost itself, explaining how to talk about global warming and taking a private jet to fly to New York for a party are conflicting actions.

A short distance from the long-awaited birth, Meghan Markle therefore returns strongly in a whirlwind of controversy, with the public opinion that is paying particular attention to the behavior of the couple. The third personal assistant would have resigned shortly after the couple's landing in Windsor, via Frogmore Cottage. A dismissal that follows another assistant who gave her farewell six months after the marriage.

However not only the actions of the Duchess are placed under the rigid magnifying glass of the English tabloids, and in this case of the expert commentators of the Crown. In the viewfinder there is also finished Harry who, as reported by The Sun, would have booked a 7,000 euro helicopter shortly before giving a speech on climate change at Wembley.

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