Text To Speech: the digital reader to increase accessibility

Text To Speech: the digital reader to increase accessibility

Text To Speech: the digital reader to increase accessibility for kindergarten pupils and students with SLD

Text To Speech: the digital reader to increase the accessibility of digital teaching platforms and the autonomy of students

Text To Speech (TTS), also known as speech synthesis or digital player, is a feature that allows users of digital teaching platforms to listen to the lessons and carry out the exercises independently. This tool guarantees high accessibility to digital platforms and is useful not only for children who have not yet learned to read, but also for students with SLD, who can become increasingly autonomous in teaching activities.

What is TTS (Text to Speech)?

The TTS is a digital player that reads the texts. In particular, in redooc.com this functionality is present in the lessons (in the notes) and in the questions (text of the question, alternative answers and explanations), also allowing children in Kindergarten or the first years of Primary School and all students with reading difficulties to use the platform independently. For them, reading the question and the answer options could be an insurmountable obstacle, so much so that the presence of an adult (teacher or parent) always needed to read the instructions and guide them. Thanks to Text To Speech, on the other hand, the student is more autonomous in the activities and the platform becomes more and more accessible for everyone!

Each paragraph, in fact, contains the audio track of the relative text. It is also possible to pause, forward or go back and listen to the audio session again. The same goes for the exercises. The TTS allows you to listen to the questions, all the alternative answers and the explanation, to make the user totally independent in his study on redooc.com.

An additional resource for students with SLD

The digital player is a valuable aid for dyslexic students. In fact, those with reading difficulties often waste their energies in trying to read correctly and thus find it difficult to hold onto the concepts they are studying. With Text To Speech, on the other hand, listening can replace reading or in any case accompany it and so the student can concentrate more easily on the topic to be memorized.

It is therefore an important resource for the accessibility of digital platforms, in addition to the presence of narrated maps and videos and the ability to customize the type and size of the reading font.

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