Thanks to these night snacks you will no longer go hungry

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Find out which night snacks to eat when you are on a diet or when, more simply, you want to maintain your weight.

Snacks at night have always been considered a great danger to the diet. Even the most loyal people in following their meal plan end up feeling more vulnerable in the evening. It seems in fact that the one after dinner, is the time of day when resisting temptation is more difficult.

diet night snacks

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Perhaps this is due to the need to relieve stress, the lack of external distractions such as work or social interactions or the thoughts that sometimes await the night hours to overwhelm us, bringing with them a hunger (often nervous) for prohibited foods. Regardless of the reasons, finding a solution is essential, especially for those who dream of returning to a healthy weight.

How to act then? In these cases the best choice is to fall back on a light and balanced dinner and on possible snacks that do not hurt. By doing so, you will be able to count on foods that push the metabolism to work harder and at the same time calm both physical and nervous hunger. And all without obviously burdening the body in view of the night’s rest.

Nighttime snacks to eat when on a diet

Have you ever found yourself thinking only about food, to the point of not being able to follow your favorite show on TV or not falling asleep? When the worry becomes really unbearable, the only valid option (especially if you feel you are really hungry) is to indulge it.

diet night snacks

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In this way you can quickly get out of this loop and resume your activities without problems. Furthermore, it is more than proven that eliminating such a strong desire avoids bingeing at the first opportunity. Another important aspect that should never be underestimated. But what to eat to stay fit or continue to lose weight. Fortunately, there are snacks that are right for us and that, in addition to being good, are also an ideal choice for the body.

Sugar-free Greek yogurt

Rich in proteins, Greek yogurt has the distinction of being lightly satiated. By enriching it with homemade jam or with bitter cocoa and sweetener, you can make it similar to a dessert. Which will surely help you to satisfy even any nervous hunger. If you want, you can also add a handful of dried fruit to the whole. In this way you can count on a light, healthy and at the same time greedy snack.

A slice of wholemeal bread with cottage cheese

If the need for salty looms, you can toast a slice of toast and cover it with cottage cheese and, perhaps, a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. So your snack will be perfectly balanced and will allow you to satiate yourself with pleasure and without having to worry about the figure. All without weighing you down too much and without increasing the calorie intake of the day by who knows how much.

Fresh ricotta is the perfect nighttime snack to make

There are several studies that show that a couple of tablespoons of ricotta cheese consumed before going to sleep promote weight loss thanks to the effect they have on the body. In case of sudden hunger pangs, you could then go for this one. And if you feel the need for something extremely greedy you can always sweeten it and enrich it with unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon or homemade sugar-free jam. In this way you will be able to enjoy a unique and gratifying result while also doing good. Convenient, isn’t it?

The handful of dried fruit

If yours is more of a desire to nibble on something good, you could indulge in a handful of dried fruit. What matters is that it is really only a small ration (better not to exceed 15 grams) and to be consumed once. Even if it is healthy and full of beneficial properties in fact, dried fruit should always be planned within the food plan daily. And this is because of its calories. Obviously, if you are followed by a nutritionist you could evaluate this aspect together.

Dark chocolate

A small portion of dark chocolate (as long as it is at least 75% dark) makes for a good nighttime snack. Rich in polyphenols, it is good for the body and allows you to fill up with energy and to silence nervous hunger. Munching it or melting it in your mouth is therefore an excellent choice to make even when you are on a diet. All of this obviously applies if you are not allergic to nickel. In this case it would be better to focus on another snack.

Thanks to these simple snacks you can count on allies even for the hunger that comes during the night. Obviously, if you are followed by a nutritionist, the advice is to talk about it together in order to readjust the diet according to your needs. While waiting to do so, you just need to lighten the dinner (which you will always have to do in a balanced way) and enjoy a pleasant and guilt-free evening.

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