That witch of my daughter-in-law

That witch of my daughter-in-law

I know it’s hard to believe given the clichés about the role of mother-in-law. But the truth is that between the two, she is the monster

Enough! I will no longer accept being called a monster just because this cliché has invaded literature and cinema. I will no longer tolerate being looked at with criticism and judgment just because all I want is my child’s happiness. But above all, I will no longer allow my daughter-in-law to paint me as a scary creature from who knows what planet.

Because the truth is that between the two, she is the monster. And I know it’s hard to believe, since there are so many hilarities that concern me, and all the mothers-in-law in the world. But this bad reputation is really unfair, and it is especially so in my case.

I have never been intrusive or jealous because all I have always wanted for my son is his well-being. So no, I’m not the one who intrudes on the relationship or makes her feel not up to the role she holds. And I’m certainly not the one who throws jokes and provocative accusations during family meetings and dinners.

If you want to believe in clichés then yes, the roles in my case have reversed. But the truth is, it’s not their roles that make people bad, but their personalities.

And it is she, that witch of my daughter-in-law, who ignites every rivalry, even if this does not need to exist. She is the one who unwillingly shows up at my house and who between her teeth criticizes everything I do, only to discredit me in front of my son’s eyes. The reason I do not know, what I know for sure and I want the good of my son so much that I have even taken a step back.

But I’m human, and as such I’m wrong too. Because I can no longer be understanding in the face of certain behaviors, and I am no longer willing to accept to pass for the bad, envious and jealous one. And maybe I won’t be the perfect mother-in-law, but she’s not the daughter-in-law she wants to make her believe she is.

But despite everything, and the anger I feel for this situation that distances me from my son and his family, I will not stop disrespecting her, despite this complicated relationship. I do it for my son and whether we like it or not, our lives will always be linked.

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