That's why sunglasses make us more attractive: science says it

That's why sunglasses make us more attractive: science says it

Sunglasses make you look more attractive. Let's see the reasons why dark lenses immediately give more charm

Why do sunglasses make us look attractive? An English researcher asked herself this question and tried to provide a scientific motivation. Vanessa Brown, a professor of art and design at Nottingham Trent University, focused on the meaning we commonly assign to everyday objects. He therefore focused attention on the cultural and psychological relationship between sunglasses and the modern idea of ​​beauty and discovered the reason why we prefer to look through dark lenses.

Sunglasses make it attractive because they give the face a symmetry and a better appearance. The dark lenses camouflage, in fact, any asymmetrical oddities around the eyes. A very important element since a research on facial attractiveness has underlined the link between symmetry and our perception of beauty. In addition, Professor Brown emphasized how sunglasses provide a sort of scaffolding effect that covers and highlights the features that are not markedly defined, giving character and strength to the expression.

Another reason why sunglasses make people look attractive is the aura of mystery connected to them. Generally we make an opinion about people looking them straight in the eye; in fact, eye contact helps us make judgments about intelligence, sincerity, esteem and, on the other hand, makes us much more vulnerable. The dark glasses, on the other hand, offer a more intriguing appearance and prevent the development of certain perceptions. Moreover, the air of mystery and inscrutability increase, especially in women, sexual desire; all this confirms the idea that human beings are particularly attracted to those who cannot fully understand.

Finally, sunglasses make them attractive due to their connection with glamor and fashion. It is a relatively modern accessory: sales began in the 1920s, but the glasses became famous in the 1950s and 1960s thanks to Hollywood stars who used them to avoid being recognized by the public and paparazzi. At debut they were mainly used in the practice of risky sports both on water and on snow; from here, an idea of ​​intrinsic coldness. Furthermore, they were associated with new technologies, such as air travel, which made them seem particularly bold and modern.

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