That’s why you should lather your hair twice in the shower, stunning!

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Do you know the double shampoo technique? We reveal why you should incorporate it into your hair care routine.

When it comes to beauty routines, the various mistakes that can be made are often mentioned. Among them, also the way of wash your hair and the frequency of washing.

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In fact, too frequent washing can deprive your locks of natural oils, lead to sebum imbalances and cause long-term damage to the hair. But in the last period we are talking about a particular technique, that of double shampoo.

Double shampoo: yes or no?

The double shampoo can be the ideal solution for those who need a complete washing routine that is not excessively stressful on the hair and scalp.

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But what exactly is it about? Double shampooing is a technique that the hair and the scalp cook come washed twice in the same session. In the shower, this means lathering, rinsing off and repeating the cycle a second time. According to experts, here’s how this technique works:

  • The goal of the first shampoo is to clean and nourish the scalp, where there are accumulations caused by dandruff, excess oil, dirt and product residues. The first pass of shampoo and rinse should eliminate residue and provide hydration to the root to promote one healthy growth hair and balanced oil production.
  • The second shampoo cycle focuses on the hair, rinsing away the residues from the first wash. The latter can also provide a additional support to the scalp, which is ready to absorb nourishment after being properly cleaned.

The double shampoo therefore has several benefits which can improve your hair care routine and their overall health:

  • Helps clean better the hair and scalp, allowing the other products used to work more effectively.
  • It can help purify the natural texture of the hair, which can be compromised due to congestion.
  • Extend your periods between washes, allowing your hair to stay cleaner for longer.
  • By reducing the time between washes, you expose your hair to less hard water, which can reduce volume and leave unwanted minerals on the scalp.

To this we must ask … With which frequency do you have to double shampoo? There are several factors that affect how often you wash your hair, whether you are used to shampooing once or twice. To determine the amount of appropriate washes, there are a few factors to consider, including your styling routine, hair texture, if you use the dye, the climate of the area you live in, the season and the amount of physical activity. that you perform. If you’re already in the habit of double-shampooing, you’ve probably noticed that you can spend more time between washes. If you’re still new to this technique, start with 1-2 washes per week and you will see what a result!

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