That's why you should never ask your children how it went in school

Never again rejected in middle and elementary schools

How did you go to school? According to a famous psychologist parents should never ask this question to their children: that's why

"How did you go to school?" This is a question that almost all children feel they are asked at least once a day by parents anxious to know how the day went and that everything is okay. Usually the answers are quite evasive and if there are those who decide to give up, there are also many parents who try to encourage their children to confide in each other. But what is it right to do? According to psychologist Lisa Damour the practice of asking daily how the day went to school could not be more wrong.

In a long article in the New York Times, the American psychologist explained that boys do not like to tell their days because they feel mentally exhausted. "They can have fun at school with their friends, but they are also in close contact with comrades who have not chosen" the psychologist explained, turning to her parents. "The equivalent for an adult could be spending nine months of the year engaged in very long meetings. daily together with 20 or more individuals of similar age, then return home and enthusiastically tell all the news “.

On the other hand, after a long and tiring day of work, the only thing you want to do is distract yourself, stay silent or talk about something other than the day just past. The same, according to Damour, happens to the boys who go to school and feel they are addressing the hated question from their parents. The solution could be to not ask direct questions, but to ask how a certain project went, how a research evolved, taking the topic "at large".

The best thing to do then, is not to give too many tips to the children: "Parents try to convince their child of their ideas and the child tries to convince the parents that he does not need their help" explained the psychologist "Ma teenagers, just like adults, often seek only a little comfort, not advice ".

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