That’s why you should never pierce sausages before cooking them

One of the most common mistakes we make when barbecuing is piercing the sausages before cooking them. Find out why you shouldn’t do this anymore.

Summer is the best time of year to enjoy barbecuing. With the heat and the beautiful days roast the meat and enjoying it in the company of friends and relatives is very pleasant. Cooking meat as if we were chefs is possible just avoid making any mistakes.

do not pierce charcoal sausages

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Today we explain how to roast a perfect sausage and why you should stop piercing the sausages before grilling them.

Barbecue Sausage: Here’s how to cook the tastiest sausages you’ve ever eaten

Sausage is a very fatty meat and many tend to pierce the sausage and cut it before cooking to help melt the fat and speed up cooking. Often the sausage is also pierced to prevent it from happening swell and explode during this phase. In fact, one of the most mistakes made when grilling meat is just that. When we puncture the sausage we lose those precious juices that make it so tasty, soft and highly tasty.

pierce sausage embers error

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There is no need to pierce the sausage, the fat melts slowly during cooking. If you fear the risk of explosion it is because cooking on the grill favors the formation of steam inside. Some butchers add water to meat and use weak casings which is why some sausages literally explode. Is piercing sausages really the only option to avoid this risk? The answer is obviously no. The secret is not in piercing them but inbuy quality meat, well balanced in terms of fat.

Rather than puncture the sausages, taste the sausages from different butchers to avoid the risk of them exploding. Quality sausages will not explode and without piercing them at the end of cooking they will be juicy with an intense flavor that will not fail to amaze your guests. Sometimes the solution to the problem is much simpler than you think!

To get one perfect sausage also remember to favor one cooking over moderate heat is that it is uniform. Many chefs recommend that turn the sausage on four sides and I don’t know two. Just insert one sausage with the other to grill the curved side as well. Another important tip is to remove the string and finally nnever forget cold beerthe perfect match for a perfect sausage.