The 10 love songs to get excited on Valentine's Day

The 10 love songs to get excited on Valentine's Day

The most exciting love songs to listen to on Valentine's Day, in good company

At least you in the universe of Mia Martini.
Brought to Sanremo in 1989, a song that really made the history of music, it has made inroads into everyone's hearts and has remained there forever. Even those who brought it to success, together with the authors Bruno Lauzi and Maurizio Fabrizio, still have an important role for all lovers, thanks to its thrilling and thrilling voice.

Love is a losing game by Amy Winehouse.
The beautiful Amy, while remaining forever in our hearts, has left us too soon. At the same time, however, he gave us this very beautiful piece, which speaks of the end of a love. Describes the latest images of this relationship now in crisis, made by a woman who has put all of herself and a man now decided to close.

Bed of roses by Bon Jovi.
This song, with its sweet words of love, has really made the history of rock music, but above all it has marked the career of Bon Jovi. It is perhaps the most famous ballad of all the artistic production of the group. The singer swears eternal love and eternal fidelity to his beloved, as everyone dreams of having for himself.

A poem also for you of Elisa.
Initially written in English, then adapted into Italian but with a slightly different text, the famous singer from Friuli told a very beautiful story in this song, which is that of her grandfather. His sweet voice goes well with the text and exudes an infinite sweetness that strikes the listener, forever.

Back for good by Take That.
Although they broke up many years ago and took different paths, Take That marked the life of lovers of their time with this song. In the nineties they climbed all the charts thanks to this romantic and sweet ballad. In fact, after many years, it still remains one of the most loved pieces by couples.

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