The 10 things no one tells you before having a baby

The 10 things no one tells you before having a baby

Here are ten things about children that nobody tells you. Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but there are some things that nobody ever talks about

What are the ten things about children that nobody says? Although giving birth to a child is a wonderful experience, there are some things that you will be curious to know before the big moment. First, both the future mother and the child will wear diapers. Well, for a few days after you moms gave birth to your baby, you will have some losses. You might even hate your partner! You will look at your husband's serene face as he sleeps when you are still standing to feed the baby and you may feel a little angry. But try not to take it: divide the child's care with your partner, as far as possible.

Among the ten things about children we rarely talk about, we also include the various paperwork to fill out and sign after birth. Being a parent is not just happiness and presents for the small but also dealing with bureaucratic matters. Keeping the house clean from germs and bacteria will be difficult. You will need to carry lots of accessories and diapers with you in a tiny bag. The first trip with the baby could be absolutely terrifying. And then, feeding the baby can be difficult. There are so many obstacles and so many options that it is easy to get confused.

The key is not to let anyone hurt you about what you decide to do to feed the baby: if you are both happy and healthy, then you are doing a great job. Other things to know? Take lots of pictures. Don't be ashamed to take hundreds of photographs for your child. Hard to believe but, you will forget many things about the moment of birth. It will pass quickly. You should also know that you will be obsessed with the poo: you will wonder if the baby is doing too much or not doing enough, you will have to clean it continuously.

You will watch your little sleep and you will be amazed at what you have been able to do! The child will surprise you: he will have his personality and his preferences. Just remember to be flexible and let him guide you so you can get to know him. One last thing to know about motherhood: you will hear angels singing when your baby is born. The love you will feel for your child will be sudden and indescribable. Don't be afraid to enjoy every little tender facet of your birth.

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