The 10 tricks to avoid accidents in the kitchen

The 10 tricks to avoid accidents in the kitchen

Cuts, burns, falls and electrocutions, the danger is lurking

10 tricks to avoid kitchen accidents

The kitchen, the domestic hearth, is the place where we spend the most time but also the most dangerous of the house. Just in the kitchen, statistics at hand, 52% of domestic accidents occur, involving mainly women and children.

Wounds, burns, fractures, due to the manipulation of sharp objects, the presence of fires and appliances and hot food, or liquids fallen on the floor. If attention is not paid, the kitchen can become the most formidable of serial killers.

Here are some simple tricks, which should always be observed, to minimize the risks

1) Never keep cloths or flammable materials near fires. For example the paper towel roll or paper napkins
2) Always keep the handle of the pots facing inward. Bumping and toppling them is a moment
3) Never cook or come close to fires with children in their arms or in baby carriers. Their speed of movement and grip is incredible
4) Make sure that drawers and their contents (knives, scissors, etc.) are out of reach of children and closed with safety hooks
5) Always check the good condition of household appliances and pressure cookers
6) Never turn off appliances by pulling on the wire
7) Never use hot pots, full of boiling water or sharp utensils on or near other people.
8) Always keep detergents tightly closed, out of reach of children and away from heat sources
9) Never cook with bare feet or with wet hands
10) Check the presence of the circuit breaker

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